((This contains all of the chapters I have wrote over the past few weeks of my Lego, The Newbro series. It is a story of my own unexpected journey across Eve, leading up to where I am now. I hope you enjoy it! Also, forgive me in advance for all of the Lord of the Rings references…))


So I mentioned quite some time ago I’d possibly look in to doing a small series depicting my much early, and I do mean early days of playing Eve Online. My first wee baby steps in to Eve were very tedious, just like most players out there who decide to pick it up, but what makes it even better is that it was around six years ago, maybe almost seven now? I can’t remember exactly, but my point is I was a much younger lad, and loved the shit out of space shit. Fuck yeah.

I started out doing the crappy tutorial back then, and my memory serves me right, it wasn’t all that great. I’d say the only thing that got me excited was mining. Yeah, fucking mining. Oh, and believe me, it wasn’t just the prospect of earning ISKies that excited me about it, I just thought it was the coolest shit at the time.

No seriously, I lived for that shit. Get out of school, grab some three old day pizza from the fridge and a soda, face plant my fucking chair, log in to eve as I am about to piss my self from excitement, and then stare at a computer screen as I watched my Bantam fuck up some asteroids in Hi Sec space. I’m not sure what it was that enticed me to enjoy it so much as I did, but I tell you what, I was happier than a fat kid with a twinkie.

I had two goals in life at that time of my Eve experience. One, mine. Two, get an Osprey to mine more.

Yeah, don’t bother trying to decipher my logic at the time about wanting an Osprey to mine more. It was a cruiser, had a lot of hard points at the time for mining lazorz, and I wanted it oh so bad. A few days pass by, and voila I am flying an Osprey. Then, as I continue my game of hungry, hungry, miners I get invited to join a corporation in Hi Sec (You won’t guess what!) mine! Yeah! Didn’t guess that one huh? Yeah….. yeah. Ahem.

My memory goes a little blank around this time, but I am pretty sure my account went inactive as I forgot I had to “pay to play”. I can imagine I was butthurt about the ordeal. Though, five or six months later I was back at it again. I was starting to get very close to using exhumers and what not to get some real mining done. Whenever I saw Hulks doing there thing, I always peed in my pants a little.

And then I wen’t inactive. Again. This time I explicitly remember the reason, and it was over my first dive in to PvP. I had never done it before, I heard rumors it existed, I read the stories but I had never experienced it. I got the idea in my head that it couldn’t be too hard, and I wanted to try it out and be the biggest, baddest solo pirate in Lowsec (I can’t remember where). So I spent all my life savings at the time, and fitted out the gimpiest of Drakes.

I mean, the fit may not be terribad (I’ve seen some pretty fucking bad ones out there) but for me it was, and still is one of my more embarrassing losses. I had spent every dime I had on that Drake and lost within an hour of undocking. I was prowling an asteroid belt in Ostingale, hoping I’d find maybe a ratter or something and get an easy kill. Well, what quickly happened was me finding a lone frigate zipping around (obviously bait) and I wen’t after him in my tug boat of a ship. What quickly wen’t from my squealing like a little school girl, quickly turned in to the sounds of a dying moose.

Kinda something like this.

I quit in typical rage fashion, vowing to never to return to Eve again. It wasn’t for a good year and a half until I had returned to playing Eve again, where I joined up with Eve renowned Black Ops players, Dirt Nap Squad. But I’ll save that story for another segment, as that is where the more interesting bits of my Eve gaming got interesting.

And my message to all the newbros. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, whatever it is. If you like to PvP in other games, give it a try in Eve. Just expect to lose any ship you undock, and don’t think you’re ever safe even in Hi Sec space. I spent a good year or two of playing Eve only mining because I was too afraid to get out of that bubble (Now I enjoy PvPing quite a bit, still quite new to it however honestly).


In my first installment of this short series describing my first few baby steps in to Eve Online, I left off on when I joined infamous Dirt Nap Squad (DNS). DNS are a highly specialized PVP group that resides in Nullsec, favoring the art of Black Ops warfare. They strategically place Black Ops Battleships across their area of operations to assist in providing there own cyno network that allows there Stealth Bombers to traverse across multiple star systems instantaneously. DNS, in my humble opinion, have certainly mastered the art of Black Ops warfare, jumping anywhere in a moments notice and taking there foe by complete surprise, as well as acting as major fleet force multipliers in the larger wars that the empire blocs engage in.

I myself as a gamer have always loved the idea of playing a more stealth like role, always choosing the Rogue classes for instance in other MMORPGs. When I first read about DNS, and what they did, I immediately made my decision on the spot and said, “Yep, that’s where I want to fucking be.” This was about 3 years ago if my memory serves me correct, and it’s been so long now I can’t even remember any notable faces that I had made contact with (whoever there CEO is). Fortunately, they had no issues in accepting me in to their ranks and partake in the mayhem. I had almost zero covert ops skills, next to no skill in PVP, and a very tiny wallet. It was a dream come true for me at the time.

After a few weeks of dedicated training time spent on my covert ops, bomb, and missile skills, I was flying with the big boys in no time. The guys at the time were very helpful in showing me the ropes, and I quickly began to grasp the concept of “Hot Dropping” which is what we primarily did. “Hot Dropping” is a term used in Eve Online to refer to a single ship lighting a cyno, allowing an entire fleet to jump in instantly and pound the opposing fleet. We frequently used bait ships such as mining barges and ratting ships fitted with Cynosural Field Generators, and when they would come under attack, they would light there cyno (activating it) and we would jump in immediately and destroy whatever enemy target was present.

Granted, this was a few years ago before the Phoebe expansion was released that added severe limitations to the jumping system in Eve Online. Before Phoebe, you could cyno jump all day long and not worry about any fatigue timers etc. so your fleet could Hot Drop from one side of Eve to the opposite within minutes, which is precisely what we did.

Unfortunately my time with Dirt Nap Squad was minimal, as I stayed with them only for three months at the most I believe. At the time I was under going a lot of training in the military, and I could not afford to concentrate on Eve. So I went dark for another good year or so before I emerged back in to the game, but this time with friends I actually knew and played other games with.

Legion of the Lucid Misfits is what my gaming friends called their corporation in. They resided in Faction Warfare space, near the Black Rise region which was a totally new concept for me as I had never participated in Faction Warfare until now. My gaming buddies had a lot of experience in playing Eve, many of them being former Goons, and one having previously been a higher up in the Goons (Supposedly, still not confirmed).

For whatever reason, they had split off and begun to do their own thing in Eve and invited me to come a long and play with them. How could I refuse? I love Eve, and had not played in almost year, of course I wanted to come back! Within a few short days, I had all of my assets moved out to Black Rise and began doing some good old fashioned PVP in Eve Online. My only prior experience with PVP were large fleet engagements and Black Ops, never small gang warfare where skill is a huge necessity to be successful.

Needless to say, I had my ass handed to me numerous times as I struggled to learn PVP tactics and the like, but fortunately I had my buddies to help me out and provide that guiding hand. I slowly got better and better at it, figuring out all of the tools and trade of the world. Boy was that an unforgettable experience for me in Eve Online.

Unfortunately, I and my friends all drifted apart from each other from Eve and our other games. Which these things happen, and it’s just the nature of the gaming community. Some friends you make and stick with for years to come, and some you make and play for a time, then go your separate paths. I do not believe I’ll ever see them playing Eve again however, but who knows, no one ever really quits right?

I’d be lying if I said I was not bummed out a little bit over it. It was not like anything bad happened, but my buddies in Eve had left me all by my lonesome. I did not feel like trying to drag my balls through glass in finding another corporation to play with, or try and go through the painful process of earning trust from strangers again, so I went solo for a good long few months, which even then I barely played Eve. I would log on for a day or two here and there and then disappear for another week or longer.

But of course, as I said previously, no one ever truly quits Eve, they just take breaks, and I was back from my break. I did not
hesitate this time in finding out what I wanted to do. I wanted to join a small, tight corporation and go do all forms of PVP whether it was Wormhole, Nullsec, or Faction Warfare. This is where I ran in to the very corporation I am in at this moment, R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions. They were stupid, belligerent, but ambitious, and I have seen that it’s ambition that drives corporations to lasting longer than most communities, and making an actual impression in Eve Onlines history. I knew these guys were for me, so I applied.

I did the typical Teamspeak interview, and was given the general “speel” on me being the new guy and to expect to be shit on. Well, kidding about the last part, but you get the gist of things. It wasn’t long before I was back out in familiar territory, Black Rise. They had a nice, humble home in a small island system located amidst low sec space. We were two doors away from Aunenen, a famous gate camping system due to it being a heavy traffic area from Hi Sec to Low. And a few short jumps away from there was all of the Faction Warfare territory. There was PVP a plenty for us, and I certainly learned a lot being out there.


When I joined R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions, and I won’t lie, but I was a little skeptical of the group at first. Ihad been used to being in much larger groups of players who had a solid foundation whether it was in mining, industrial, or PvP. RDAS at the time was a three  man corporation residing in a small island system called Aikantoh. For some reason, I like to think of this place as the shire. Our little hole in the ground, or rather space.

Fletcher Wolfe, who was CEO then and is still the CEO now, had been running with RDAS since he had started playing the game a year ago a long side his brother. Somewhere along the road, they picked up Fear Kyrios, and became the dynamic trio… until I showed up.

I cannot even recall exactly how my first interaction with RDAS went, but if anyone has played Eve with me and listened to my random blabber on Teamspeak, I like to drink beer. Like a lot. Somehow, my attitude on things and not-so-serious mindset was a shoe in for me with RDAS. If the condom fits, wear it right? Er, the shoe I mean, or however that old saying goes.

Being in Aikantoh, we were relatively close to the Black Rise region which is a popular Faction Warfare area. A few jumps down we had Aunenun. This place, boy, let me tell you about this place. I had encountered some pretty bad gate camps in my time playing Eve, but Aunenun was just over zealous with it. At the time when I had first joined RDAS, it was held by SSQ, a rather large Russian PvP alliance.

For some odd reason, Fletcher Wolfe had the biggest quarrel with them – something about not using lube when SSQ attacked him so many times before. Well, that’s just my theory anyway. Whatever the case was, that was public enemy number one for us. We would go out of our way to try and get a kill on SSQ, and to this day, I don’t even remember getting a single kill for the months I was out there. Queue sad violin.

But no, seriously, it was a good bit of rivalry for RDAS to have a mutual enemy. Even though I never understood the point of it, or how we were supposed to accomplish anything with how small we were, I rolled with it because it was content. However, the Riders of Rohan were on the horizon to rescue us, and to push back the Red Menance. Is that the second Lord of the Rings reference I’ve made so far?

Ok, so this Alliance rolled up called the Fearless Empire. They too had a thirst for the blood of Russians, and we knew the area very well compared to them. After much deliberation, and by we I mean our fearless, and glorious leader Fletcher Wolfe, initiated some good ol’ diplomacy with them. After much deliberation, both parties came to an agreement, and we we’re folded in to the Alliance.

Things seemed great for the first few days, until we realized that the corporation that was actually fighting the Russians in our space had decided to pack their bags, and go on some adventure to claim the holy lands and all relic sites to themselves. We also realized just how shit these guys were.

I’ve been in some pretty bad PvP brawls, and I’ve had my share with RDAS and elsewhere, but these guys were just bad. I mean that in no disrespect whatsoever, but cheesus crust dudes, if you’re going to claim to be a PvP alliance, at least have some knowledge of what the hell you are doing instead of wasting everyone’s time. I will grant them this much however, and say that I enjoyed shooting the shit on Teamspeak with many of the Alliance members. All in all it was a fun, little experience for our corporation (RDAS) to take its baby steps in to.

February rolls around (Last February) and we all sort of drift off to play other games for a bit. The monotony of fitting out another frigate or destroyer, and heading out to Faction Warfare space was getting old quick. Solo PvP is too damn hard to find these days if you ask me, which mind you isn’t bad. This game is built on playing with other people and what not; I mean hell, that’s why it’s called an MMORPG right?

Point is, I was growing tired of being blobbed or not finding anybody at all. I also had a thing for flying super expensive Worms, and losing them continuously. So besides my wallet hurting, my Corporation wasn’t too happy with me either. I couldn’t really give a shit either way, but I guess the culmination of all of these things are what pushed me to another brief hiatus from Eve.

I stuck with the RDAS guys however during my break. We played a lot of Insurgency, a FPS that’s sort of a cross between CS:GO and Battlefield. I also went on a huge movie binge for some reason. Don’t ask why.

March rolled around quickly, and I still had no huge urge to get back to Eve. It didn’t help the fact that I had been pulled for some military training for a few weeks as well, so my mind (and body) was for the most part occupied with that. It wasn’t until the beginning of April that I caught the Eve bug again and came back to playing in full swing. I had this grand idea to change up how I played Eve a bit. I had never been out to Nullsec or experienced it before, and figured now was a good opportunity.

Unfortunately, I came back to the entire RDAS Corporation being for the most part inactive. I recruited my own brother to come play Eve and join me in RDAS, and so it was just me and him. I did a lot of pulling on Fletcher, Fear, and the other guys but I just couldn’t get them to budge and play Eve. It was a hard decision, but I ended up leaving RDAS to find greener pastures. It wouldn’t be too long before we were all reunited again however.

I happened upon reading a news article submission on Eve News 24, submitted by Kasken. I didn’t know who this guy was, but I liked his outlook on certain aspects of the game and thoroughly enjoyed reading his articles. I stumbled upon his own blog, called the Kasken Kronicles, and found that he was leading a brand new corporation and alliance out in Nullsec space near Insmother called Vitriolic Animosity (Diplomatic Immunity Alliance), and to my surprise, he was doing quite well. I had been in contact with multiple other organizations, such as Brave Newbies, TEST, and some other not so big named ones. But Kaskens group stood out to me.

I did the usual interview and API key stuff, and within a few days, I was out in the magical lands of Nullsec. This was my unexpected journey away from the shire. Yep, another reference.


When I joined Vitriolic Animosity, it was a huge culture shock for me to transition to from spending time in Empire and Lowsecurity space for years. I knew I wanted something new and different out of Eve, and I knew my commitment to jumping in to 0.0 space would reward me well. Fortunately, I was right, and just like all things with Eve, you can never expect the unexpected to take place in whatever you do.

Vitriolic Animosity, lead by Kasken, was a PvP corporation founded on trying to break out of the norm. Valiant effort if I say so myself, and it was originally would caught my attention. To be apart of something new, brave, and daring. It was almost something you’d see out of a recruiting poster hanging on the walls in your High School. Kasken seemed like a nice enough fellow, and they even made a special accommodation for my brother to be allowed in. He didn’t meet the necessary skillpoint requirement of 20 million, but I am glad they gave him the chance.

Unfortunately, not even within three days of joining VITRI, I lost pretty much all of my assets to a courier theft. Some member apart of our alliance (Diplomatic Immunity) that was a freight runner in a neutral corporation, decided to go rogue and steal everyone’s courier contracts. I lost around two billion isk in assets, and was quite pissed as you can imagine. I shrugged it off, learned a few valuable lessons, and made due with what I could get out in our staging system residing in Insmother.

I was quite impressed with the composition and organization that this group had out here. It was something I had never quite experienced before in playing Eve, and it was certainly a breathe of fresh air for me. The amount of daily fights we were getting, and not to mention my newfound love of ratting in sites (so much ISK) was enough to restore my faith and love back in to Eve completely.

It wasn’t long after that R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions, my old corporation, decided they’d come back to Eve and join me out here in Null with Diplomatic Immunity. Kasken brought RDAS in under the alliance, and now I had all of my long time Eve friends with me, and all the content I could possibly want. By the way, Wicked Creek is an excellent place for fights, or at least at the time I was there which was between March and early May. 

Unfortunately, I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point, it just seemed premature for this situation. Before I continue, while everything for the most part was pretty much blissful, there were a few things that got under my skin. Like getting constant quadruple max CTA ragepings a day for literally EVERYTHING. Oh, we’re going on a small gang roam? Rageping CTA. Got some POS bashing to do? Rageping CTA. Oh, people are having fun and making money? Rageping CTA. 

There was a certain Fleet Commander within Diplomatic Immunity, that for all intents and purposes, did exactly this. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to be getting irritated by this, and it just added more fuel to the fire when the failcascade began. Leadership simply weren’t playing along well with each other, which seemed to be a simple result of ego’s getting in the way and a failure to communicate. I’ve taken a look at the some of the chat logs that the alliance leadership were apart of, and cheesus crust, get your shit together.

Again, I will not mention any names here, but it wasn’t long before the lines became drawn of where people stood. Ultimately, it was a battle between the alliances EU and US timezones. In my personal opinion, and however biased it might be, but the US timezone group were certainly far more reasonable with what was going on, but no one wanted to listen to each other. 

It wasn’t too long after people chose who they stood with, that the alliance split in two and the groups went their separate ways. I stayed with the US group, and rejoined R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions, and we followed Synapse., Elysian Ascent, and Scrum Squad to create our new alliance called Empyreus. Since then, I’ve been enjoying Eve still, and have made great friends along the way despite some of the hardships (if you can call it that). 


And so this concludes the story of my life in Eve up until this point. As the months go by, and quickly years, I am sure I will add more to my personal book of my time in Eve. If you’ve taken the time to read all of this, I thank you, and I am certain you might be wondering why I even bothered to share my story.

I started this blog on the basis of telling stories, as to me, that’s what makes Eve Online so amazing. Years down the road, I can reflect back on this blog and retell some of my old tales to old and new players alike, and make a few friends along the way. 


Get out there and play the game! Eve Online is a vast universe of its own, with experiences you wont find in any other online game out there. I can guarantee that. My best advice to all of you, is find people and make friends. Eve is all about the community and stories you can create together. Have your own unexpected journey with friends, and enjoy the game!

That all being said, I would love to hear your story. Feel free to shoot me a mail in-game to Ellegos1, or just a leave comment here! I am brainstorming an idea to involve Eve onlines stories in to my blog, whether they are personal or community wide ones, I’d really like to get them out there, so again, feel free to shoot any ideas or stories my way!

See you in the verse’, and fly dangerously!

– Lego

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