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Dual Universe

Dual Universe – The Economy And You!

Recently, I have been engaging much of the community over at Dual Universe with a discussion about the economy. Before I start, I am no subject matter expert on this, but […]

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Holiday Hangovers

The past three weeks have certainly been awesome for me, but it’s also been a struggle to get back in to the swing of going back to work. Yuck! Though, […]

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Lets Talk About Talking

TL;DR is at the bottom You’re minding your own business as you fly around in your fabulous spaceship, doing whatever you do in said fabulous spaceship. You’ve been flying with […]

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PYRE And Change

  It’s been a good minute since my last post, but not due to anything happening, but more that a lot has actually occurred keeping me extremely busy. With the […]

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Never Stream Eve

Fountain has continued to provide an endless amount of entertainment for myself. Though, one such engagement that took place on October 10th, 2015 (last Saturday) particularly stands out as one […]