Often times I butt heads with my alliance members, or even my own corp mates over things I would prefer to do over something else. Granted, I can be an extremely brash individual, and when I convey my opinions by means of text, I can just look like an all around asshole acting like a selfish prick.

However that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

My typical work day can involve a lot of yelling, scolding, and a frenetic work schedule. Oh, my Staff Sergeant wants me to get three day project done in in two hours? Better make it happen. I’m getting my ass chewed because some Marine didn’t show up to work on time, even though I’m not in charge of him? Still my fault.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a purpose to it all, and after a few years you just get used to it. But the point is, when I get off work, that’s my time.

I can be rather prickly when someone starts to tell me what I can or can’t do with my time, especially in a video game. But hey, everyone knows internet spaceships is serious business.

Eve has thus far been the only game (besides my SWTOR days) that any group of other players I play with, my free time seems to be dictated by someone else’s agenda. When I put it that way, it sounds ridiculous right? In a way, it is, but that’s also Eve Online for you.

This becomes even more apparent when the group you play with is a sov holding alliance living in Fountain. I get it, if we want to keep staying as a sov holding alliance, then we need to work together to defend it. That’s just common sense. I totally understand the rage pings and CTAs. There is a purpose.

To be honest with myself however, if I were in any other corporation besides RDAS, I would of left a long time ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had fun playing with this group. Nullsec is certainly a much different lifestyle than lowsec or hisec. Though, it is also just as more annoying and stressful. At that point, our play style becomes dependent upon other players in Eve.

Every time I come to this conclusion regarding nullsec, I ask myself just one question, what’s the point of holding sov?

Ok yeah, you build a narrative and home for yourself in a game. Making a name for yourself is a pretty big part of a lot of other players’ motives in this game. Fame and all that other stuff.

Beyond that, I can’t see anything else worth it. Money is never an issue for me really, so that has never been a motive. I can find fights anywhere and anytime I want and not live in null. So that isn’t really a motive either.

Ultimately, the only thing keeping me here is that I like my corporation, and many of the other guys in my alliance. Unfortunately, I also look like an asshole when I flat out refuse to go on “mandatory ops” because I want to do something else. The best part is when they try to guilt trip me.

As much as I love playing with these guys; guilt tripping me, or trying to force me to do something in Eve I do not want to do at that given time only makes me pissed and want to NOT do it just out of pure spite. A little childish? Maybe, but its how I get my point across.

I don’t have to.


Now that all of that is off my chest, I can breathe a little easier. Yeah, this was a bit of a rant post. Fortunately, this blog of mine has slowly turned in to a bit of “self medication” for me.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate


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  1. 22 years of USAF Aircraft Maintenance will do it to you too…

    Guess that’s why I fly with Signal Cartel. No stress. I do what I want and nobody cares as long as I don’t start a fight. If I want to… I log in an alt, and quickly die.


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