It’s been a good minute since my last post, but not due to anything happening, but more that a lot has actually occurred keeping me extremely busy.

With the holidays coming around, I get fairly busy with my work. Setting up Marine Corps family events, Toys For Tots runs, and the list goes on. Not to mention setting up training exercises for the new year so we aren’t falling behind as soon as we come back from our block leave in January. Coupled with my recent gaming ADD between playing Eve Online and Ark: Survival Evolved, as well as a recent game I picked up called Broforce, you could say I have been slightly side tracked from the blog!

But, this morning is as good a time as any to post up what’s been going on.

To get the grim news over with (at least for me) I’ll open up with that I am no longer a member of RDAS. After heavy consideration, and patience, I decided to move on to a different place in Eve. I decided to join up with The Milkman (FYAD) who is also a member of the alliance Empyreus. So fortunately, I haven’t left everything behind; I’m simply living in a different house on the same street.

It wasn’t an easy decision for me. I had been with RDAS for a solid year, and really enjoyed playing with the small group of guys who I still respect. We got pretty close as far as internet friends go, and I don’t regret ever joining them to begin with. The adventures we’ve had throughout New Eden, and other games have been an absolute blast this year.

Though, people change, and personalities won’t always mix well forever. After my three month hiatus from Eve, and sorting some personal shit out in real life, I came to find myself more of an alien in the group than really a part of it. I made great strides to change that, I really did, but as each week came and went; I only became more discontent within the group.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion I needed to leave.

Whether or not it was me or them, I wasn’t having fun anymore consistently. There were more times where I was trying to ease tensions, or in an argument, than I was actually having fun. I found myself seeking entertainment and camaraderie outside of my own corporation within the alliance. So instead of dragging it out, I bit the bullet and left.

I made the choice earlier this week, and have since stuck with it. I have always loved hanging out with the FYAD members, and really respect a lot of the guys in it. Ironically, I was the one who had recruited FYAD in to Empyreus six months ago. Now, here I am, a member of FYAD.

For my old RDAS guys, while I’m not with you anymore, I am always down to play some games with you in the future. It’s been a wild ride the past year, and I’m glad I got to know all of you guys. We punched way above our weight class, and you guys will still do great things in the future I am sure. Fly safe!

To my new home in FYAD, I am eager to kick off some crazy shenanigans with you guys. Since day one that I met you all, you have been an absolute blast to play games with. I really feel joining your community is one of the best decisions I have made. I also eagerly await the next FYAD meet up. That way you can see my nipples in person.



Last Tuesday (12/8) our fearless leader, Abinus Sertan, gave a beautiful State Of The Alliance speech. It covered all of the usual things you would expect from a SOTA. Though, the cool things I think were the best from this were us reaching six months together as a fledgling alliance, as well as us finally submitting our alliance logo to CCP. You can listen to it below if you so wish.

Impressive milestones that I am proud to witness really. I’ve been with Empyreus since day one, and it has been one hell of a ride. Since its inception in Tenerifis, and where it has gone to now in Fountain, we have achieved a lot in such a short amount of time. Our allies have also done a phenomenal job themselves, and have really proven themselves to be great team players in our small neighborhood in Fountain.

We’ve overcome numerous obstacles together as a team, and we’ve really kicked some internet spaceship ass. No one expected Empyreus to even survive for this long. Yet here we are, better than what we started as. They expected us to run with our tails between our legs when we moved to Fountain, yet here we are still. No one expected Empyreus to be what it is today, and I can assure you, they won’t expect what we’ll be in the coming future either.

I love being a part of this community we have created, and I am proud to have had a  hand in how it has shaped to be what it is today. You guys make this game fun for me, and I can only hope that we can continue to kick some ass and take some names together as we push forward together as an alliance.

So while the holidays come up, be safe and enjoy your time with your families. Don’t forget about the ones who can’t go home however, and if you know anyone nearby who doesn’t have somewhere to go, hit them up! You’ll be amazed at how much that could mean to someone, believe me, I know what it’s like.

To all of my regular readers, I hope you enjoy the holidays as well! Also, don’t forget to go watch the new Star Wars movie. If you don’t, well, you’re just wrong.

Also, here is a new video I did up recently for Empyreus. Enjoy!


Drink up,

Ellegos1 “The Scruffy Pirate”



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