Hi, I am The Scruffy Pirate,  but you can call me Scruffy, or my usual name for most games – Ellegos. I have been playing games since the late 90s, starting off with a Nintendo and slowly working my way up. In 2004 I broke in to the MMO scene with RuneScape. From there, I just took off and have since played too many MMOs than I can count now. I have been writing for years, starting with my own short stories, and recently in the past year started my own blog, The Scruffy Pirate. Now, I just write about games, entertainment, and everything else in between. I also like beer, it makes me happy. And Kevin Bacon, our lord and savior.

I hope, for those who are visiting here the first time or not, that you enjoy my posts. I am always looking for feedback as well. I made this blog as a way to entertain other like minded gamer’s, but without the filter on. 

The Scruffy Pirate


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