When I joined Vitriolic Animosity, it was a huge culture shock for me to transition to from spending time in Empire and Lowsecurity space for years. I knew I wanted something new and different out of Eve, and I knew my commitment to jumping in to 0.0 space would reward me well. Fortunately, I was right, and just like all things with Eve, you can never expect the unexpected to take place in whatever you do.

Vitriolic Animosity, lead by Kasken, was a PvP corporation founded on trying to break out of the norm. Valiant effort if I say so myself, and it was originally would caught my attention. To be apart of something new, brave, and daring. It was almost something you’d see out of a recruiting poster hanging on the walls in your High School. Kasken seemed like a nice enough fellow, and they even made a special accommodation for my brother to be allowed in. He didn’t meet the necessary skillpoint requirement of 20 million, but I am glad they gave him the chance.

Unfortunately, not even within three days of joining VITRI, I lost pretty much all of my assets to a courier theft. Some member apart of our alliance (Diplomatic Immunity) that was a freight runner in a neutral corporation, decided to go rogue and steal everyone’s courier contracts. I lost around two billion isk in assets, and was quite pissed as you can imagine. I shrugged it off, learned a few valuable lessons, and made due with what I could get out in our staging system residing in Insmother.

I was quite impressed with the composition and organization that this group had out here. It was something I had never quite experienced before in playing Eve, and it was certainly a breathe of fresh air for me. The amount of daily fights we were getting, and not to mention my newfound love of ratting in sites (so much ISK) was enough to restore my faith and love back in to Eve completely.

It wasn’t long after that R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions, my old corporation, decided they’d come back to Eve and join me out here in Null with Diplomatic Immunity. Kasken brought RDAS in under the alliance, and now I had all of my long time Eve friends with me, and all the content I could possibly want. By the way, Wicked Creek is an excellent place for fights, or at least at the time I was there which was between March and early May. 

Unfortunately, I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point, it just seemed premature for this situation. Before I continue, while everything for the most part was pretty much blissful, there were a few things that got under my skin. Like getting constant quadruple max CTA ragepings a day for literally EVERYTHING. Oh, we’re going on a small gang roam? Rageping CTA. Got some POS bashing to do? Rageping CTA. Oh, people are having fun and making money? Rageping CTA. 

There was a certain Fleet Commander within Diplomatic Immunity, that for all intents and purposes, did exactly this. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to be getting irritated by this, and it just added more fuel to the fire when the failcascade began. Leadership simply weren’t playing along well with each other, which seemed to be a simple result of ego’s getting in the way and a failure to communicate. I’ve taken a look at the some of the chat logs that the alliance leadership were apart of, and cheesus crust, get your shit together.

Again, I will not mention any names here, but it wasn’t long before the lines became drawn of where people stood. Ultimately, it was a battle between the alliances EU and US timezones. In my personal opinion, and however biased it might be, but the US timezone group were certainly far more reasonable with what was going on, but no one wanted to listen to each other. 

It wasn’t too long after people chose who they stood with, that the alliance split in two and the groups went their separate ways. I stayed with the US group, and rejoined R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions, and we followed Synapse., Elysian Ascent, and Scrum Squad to create our new alliance called Empyreus. Since then, I’ve been enjoying Eve still, and have made great friends along the way despite some of the hardships (if you can call it that). 


And so this concludes the story of my life in Eve up until this point. As the months go by, and quickly years, I am sure I will add more to my personal book of my time in Eve. If you’ve taken the time to read all of this, I thank you, and I am certain you might be wondering why I even bothered to share my story.

I started this blog on the basis of telling stories, as to me, that’s what makes Eve Online so amazing. Years down the road, I can reflect back on this blog and retell some of my old tales to old and new players alike, and make a few friends along the way. 

That all being said, I would love to hear your story. Feel free to shoot me a mail in-game to Ellegos1, or just a leave comment here! I am brainstorming an idea to involve Eve onlines stories in to my blog, whether they are personal or community wide ones, I’d really like to get them out there, so again, feel free to shoot any ideas or stories my way!

See you in the verse’, and fly dangerously!

– Lego

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