CCP, thank you for wormholes, may we have another?

The past few days of my luxurious life in Null have been quite entertaining. When I’m not eating grapes handed to me by my goblin minions as I pose for my next Eve painting, I’ve got faces to stomp in Tenerifis. The past week in general has seen a large increase of wormhole corporations dropping in on our pocket of space. I’d be lying if I said we have been whelping them, I mean, a little more than a week ago we ended being swarmed, with our systems bubbled up that would make even the most saltiest of players cringe.

Regardless however, content has been continuous out here, and I have wormholes to thank for that. Our most recent, and might I add, exhilarating brawl, happened on June 20th, 2015 on top of a wormhole directly in our staging system of Tenerifis. Mind Collapse dropped in on us, and I received a ping from our fearless and dashingly handsome Fleet Commander Ribor to form up a response fleet.

Overall, both opposing sides contained roughly 15 players. Me being the noob I am was not able to fly the doctrine ship Ribor wanted everybody in, so I chose the next best thing, and one of my favorite types of ships to fly. An Interceptor.

I grabbed my crow, chugged a beer, talked shit on my teamspeak comms, and made my way out of the undock of our station to scout out the wormhole while blasting some dubstep, ignoring my Fleet Commander in the process. Ok, maybe not the last part, but I’ve heard that’s how real men scout. I came upon the wormhole to find it all clear, so I gave the word to Ribor that he could bring the fleet in to perch on top of the hole.

I jumped inside to find myself in alien territory, and all alone. I may or may not have peed myself a little as I came through. Mind Collapse had been sending scouts in to our staging system, and engaging in occasional skirmishes throughout our systems, so I had been expecting them to have their own fleet formed up inside waiting to jump in.

Ribor needed some more time to get his fleet of Prophecy’s out on to the wormhole, so I stayed inside to watch the wormhole and notify him of any activity. A good couple of minutes passed before anything exciting happened on my end of the wormhole until an enemy Crow landed on the wormhole with me. I locked him up, pointed him, and let my light missiles loose to try and kill him. I busted him good, bringing him down to structure and if I had one or two more volleys he would of gone up in flames, but he slingshotted me and got out of my point range, and warped off quickly.

I figured he would be calling out for his own friends to arrive, and my assumption was correct. Fortunately, Ribors prophecy fleet was sitting on the wormhole, inside of our staging system. Soon enough, multiple ships appeared on my directional scan, ranging from two Crows, a Curse, Lachesis, Myrmidon, Vexor Navy Issue, Ishtar, Guardians, Sabre, Deimos, and a few other ships I can’t recall at this time.

They all jumped the wormhole, and soon enough, the fight had begun. I followed them in, and began getting points on all our primary targets that Ribor was calling off. The Deimos did not last long under the DPS we had from our battlecruiser fleet, and quickly we were switching targets to throw their logistics support off. Unfortunately, a Curse came in and neutralized my capacitor rendering me useless as his drones tore me apart.

I was quickly taken off field, and woke up back in my home station, which was quite generous of the enemy to pod me. I could not tell how the battle was going from comms alone, but it seemed we were starting to get hit pretty hard. With no logistics support of our own, we had to pray the battlecruiser tank we had would hold long enough to kill the enemy fleet.

I fit together a Hawk real quick and made my way back to the battle. Ships were scattered, and wreckage everywhere. Ribor made the call for the main fleet to jump inside the wormhole, and half of the enemy fleet followed suite. Then the wormhole collapsed. Oops.

Ribor and his fleet were trapped inside the wormhole system, and the enemy fleet had also been split up. A Lachesis, two Crows, and a Myrmidon were left behind in our staging system. With nothing more that I could do for the main fleet, I hopped back to station and shipped in to my Curse to hunt down our targets. Some of our fleet had remained inside our staging system, and bubbled up the out-going gates to keep them trapped inside.

Ribor and the fleet pod expressed back to our home station, and fitted in to ships of their own. I warped back to the location of the wormhole, and found that the Lachesis and two Crows had landed just as I did. I burned away from the Lachesis, knowing from our previous engagement he was fit for jamming AND point/scram. I was not worried about his DPS, or the two Crows, but if he could hold me down long enough for their Myrmidon to land, it would not end well for me.

The two Crows broke off and chased me as I burned off from the Lachesis. I am still not sure what they were trying to accomplish, but I made quick work of them. I put my neuts on both of them, shutting down their microwarpdrives and any tank they might have had, and sent my Warrior II drones out on them. They each popped very quickly from my Warriors, and just as I was about to turn to the Lachesis, he warped off.



A friendly in our fleet, James Harder, had caught the Myrmidon near one of the outbound gates and called for support. We all landed on top of the Myrmidon, and laid in to him with our DPS. He popped quickly enough, and Ribor had already begun trying to scan down the Lachesis. It took a few minutes to track him down, but eventually Ribor found his signature and we all moved in for the final kill.


We held the Lachesis down with our points and webifiers to allow everyone a chance to get in on the final kill. Ribor gave us the green light, and the Lachesis popped. The brawl was finally over. Was an excellent fight on both ends, and I truly commend Mind Collapse for their tenacity in the brawl. They certainly held their own, and gave us a good fight that I haven’t had in a while.


Beyond all of that excitement, we’ve been reinforcing multiple towers belonging to Against ALL Authorities (AAA) in neighboring systems so that we can start acquiring our own money moons to fund the Alliance. I figured if we poked the bear long enough, they would retaliate, and I guess to an extent they did last night. They brought out a Dominix/Gila fleet, but as soon as we retaliated with our own fleet of Basilisks and Ishtars, they quickly docked up in system where we were reinforcing their towers. Blue balling for the win, am I right? Fortunately, earlier in the day (6/21/2015) myself, Ribor, and KAwolf killed a Falcon in our stealth bombers who was sitting AFK outside of a POS.



RDAS has been trudging along and making a name for itself out here in our new alliance, Empyreus. I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with our members, whether we do things by ourselves or with the alliance. That being said… If you are looking for a corporation, give us a shot!

Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions Recruitment

Anyways, with all of the fun I’ve been having, I’d like to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the reaction I have been getting from the Eve community regarding my blog. In the short time it has been up, the site stats have been exploding with activity, and I have received multiple compliments from many of you. It reminds me there are still good people in our beloved community. So to all of you, I say thank you for reading and all of the encouragement!

See you in the verse’, and fly dangerously!


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