I was planning on doing something special for May 4th, what with it being the worlds best holiday (If you don’t agree, go hang yourself.) Unfortunately, the powers that be saw fit to bestow upon me the duty belt of protection and sorrow, so I was at work all day yesterday and didn’t get off until this morning. (God bless the Marine Corps.)

That being said, I don’t exactly have anything really special, so I shall leave you with this awesome piece by a particularly favorite artist of mine in a star wars fashion to respect the most sacred of holidays – Celldweller.


So, remember when I told you about my old corporation wanting to come out to null and join the alliance I am in? Well, they did it. It was an interesting conversation between Kasken (Alliance Executor) and Fletcher Wolfe (CEO of RDAS) but they came to an understanding as far as the ordeal went. Since RDAS had its fall out of members, I wouldn’t exactly consider it to be an easy project to try and start up, but I guess we’ll see right?

However, I made it pretty clear I had no intention of jumping ship and rejoining RDAS for the sake of old times. I mean hell, I still get to fly with the poor bastards anyways, so not like I’m missing out on anything.

Anyways, that’s really about it for this post. I really just wanted to make something for either May 4th or the 5th, so here it is. Nothing truly spectacular happened to me recently on the eve side of things. I heard there was a CTA (Call To Arms) earlier today. Northern Coalition showed up, everyone shot each other, some people cried, and some people laughed. How’s that for a battle report? Wish I could of made it, but I was enjoying some much needed rest at the time.

Also, damn you CCP. I want my golden rattlesnake back.

See you in the verse’,


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