Yep. Eve is an asshole. Why? Because Eve Online probably has one of the most repulsive gaming communities I have ever encountered, and I’ve been playing online games for quite some time now. So that, coupled with the fact that Eve itself is also a complete and utter asshole, makes for one assholish game right? Of course it is, I am right.

I’m pretty sure just about everyone here can also agree with me on this one. How many games out there do not punish scamming, douchebaggery, and metagaming (spying etc.) and even encourage it? Think about that for a second, and I am pretty sure your answer will be none. (Correct me if I am wrong however.)

So with all of that being said, you must be asking yourself, “But Lego, piss off m8 if you don’t like the fucking game. Can I have your stuff?”

Well, my friend, the answer is simple. I love it.

Yes, I love it, because in an environment that promotes such skulduggery, it also creates a real environment for real human beings in a world where they can achieve near complete anonymity. I’ve met a lot of assholes in Eve, and quickly found that it isn’t even all that much different from our current society as a world. Almost makes you feel at home eh?

But it’s also filled with some of the best people I’ve ever met (At least as far as the internet goes.) And I don’t mean that exactly in the sense of them being cool or not, just them as a person. Where else do you read about massive, year long schemes coming to fruition and players losing years plus of assets and hard work to someone who could give two fucks? We’ve all heard of the great heists from players collapsing entire Corporations and Alliances by stealing of there shit, causing dissent among the ranks, or attaining a high enough position in those communities to completely fuck it all up with a few simple clicks. It’s almost in genius the way CCP envisioned this game to be played.


Total freedom to allow the players to create their own society and literally be anything they want to be, and do anything they want to do (within reason). To any true gamer, Eve would be the perfect escape from reality, which is funny because once you peel back the layers of science fiction and space travel and get down to the core of Eve, it isn’t too different from our own world.

If you haven’t caught on by now, then I’ll make it simple. Eve Online is an almost near-perfect social experiment. It has the perfect environment to create what the game currently has. And that, is also why Eve is an Asshole.

All of that being said, I have also met some good friends, and good hearted people while playing Eve Online. Like any society, you have your good people and bad people. I don’t believe in any of the “between” bullshit. You either do good shit, or you do bad shit. You can be an awesome, good person for an hour, and then be a complete dick bag for the next year.

So this brings me to my main point, which many of you bittervets have already figured out by now. Eve Online is a social game, you make enemies, and you make friends. And whether you believe it or not, those relationships can be just as real as those in real life (who am I kidding, who has a real life here?)  So while Eve can be the biggest asshole at times, and you want to rage quit, jam a remote up your butt, and beat your face in with a keyboard because some faglord destroyed a ship of yours that you’d worked to get for months, just remember, the game wouldn’t be what it is without the assholes. Take the punches and move on. I’ve met people in Eve that I would consider friends of mine not just through the internet, but even through life now, and that to me is what makes this game such a special snowflake.

There isn’t any real reason behind making this post. I just felt like expressing my feelings on Eve Online (ew, feelings). But no seriously, I hope you enjoyed the read. Besides writing up posts about my super, action filled hollywood flick life in Eve, I also want to connect with my readers, and I want them to connect with me. Expect more short articles like this in the future as I figure out what the hell I am doing.


See you in the verse’,


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