So let’s take a step back a bit in the past, about two weeks and some change. I joined up with this Nullsec PVP corp by the name of Vitriolic Animosity (Diplomatic Immunity Alliance) in the hopes I’d learn some knew pew pew techniques and make friends to drink beer with while playing Eve.

I recorded the below video of an engagement we had today against a small TEST gang. They had a Scythe, Thorax, Rokh, Vexor and a few other ships. We took down the Scythe, Thrasher, and almost had the Vexor down but he pulled off grid before we could get points on him. We had the Rokh bubbled and figured we could take him right? Nope. He was a small laser fit and started to chew through our hawks like they we’re paper, so we decided to just bug out and call it a day, but good fights were had! Had fun TEST, look forward to the next brawl.

Needless to say it’s been a rather fun and busy time considering the entire Alliance has been duking it out with RANE (whom rarely ever show their faces.) TEST (Test Alliance Please Ignore) has been TEST doing well… TEST things, and we’ve gotten in to a few brawls with them throughout the Wicked Creek and Spire regions along with PFR (Phoebe Freeport Republic). It’s been fun punching PFR around, and this week has been particularly lucrative as far as kills and op success’ go, I believe yesterday was the first time we had lost an engagement, but hey, you win some and you lose some right? Me being just the lowly line member of the Alliance, I don’t know too many things going on but I know for certain that there are some big plans for Wicked Creek when the new FozzieSov lands upon us all.

I’ve also learned how wonderful the art of carebearing is as far as ratting goes. No seriously, this is probably the first time I’ve enjoyed this shit in Eve since I started playing. I’ve always detested ratting because I simply can not find enjoyment in just shooting red crosses for hours on end. However, I can find enjoyment in it if it is lucrative for me, which oh boy it is. So you’re damn right I’ll be fucking up those red crosses.

Also, the latest CCP fuck up with the ship skins has been quite glorious. Behold, the mother of rattlesnakes.

And as it turns out, my old corp that was based out in Black Rise is looking to come join the DIPLO alliance out here for the PVP fun. My stories of PVPing and pooping have seemed to get their attention, which would be cool to see my old buddies come join me out here and partake in the insanity that is Wicked Creek.

As for myself, I plan to keep building my own personal assets out here and help out the Alliance when I can, and hop on to the roaming fleets to make my killboard just a little greener. So nothing truly spectacular I suppose, but I have a feeling some exciting things are about to happen here in our dark corner of Eve.

I’ll keep this post short, as this one is really to just get ya’ll spun up on the happenings really. In the meantime, be excellent to each other and party on dudes. (plays air guitar)

See you in the verse’


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