Last weekend I decided I would dip my toes in to Eve Online again. I recently finished playing through the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt again, and after talking about the ending I got this time with some of the guys in my alliance – Empyreus – I got a bit of the Eve bug once more.

I am still weary of getting as involved as I previously was. I invested too much of myself in to Eve, and I will leave it at that. I covered much of my feelings on the topic in one of my more recent posts.

That said I am very eager to get back in to having some good nights tossing back a few cold ones, and blowing up internet spaceships. I logged in to find myself on the complete opposite side of the galaxy where my alliance were now living in. They recently moved out of Tenerifis to Fountain, which from what I have heard and seen, has been a much needed breath of fresh air for everyone.

Being in Fountain is pretty humble for me right now. While most regions of Eve have a lot of history behind them in the way of major wars and what not, Fountain has always come up time and time again. Fountain seems to have a way of either making or breaking any who dare to live in the region.

My alliance has had a bit of a rocky path as of late, but that is to be expected with any newly formed alliance. Growing pains are expected, and ours is no exception to it. The move from Tenerifis to Fountain was bit of a heated debate, but it seems that the end result was well received and quite positive.

From my perspective, it is nice not be held on to by a leash from our former overlords, Gentlemans Club. While “officially” we were not a part of the G.Club coalition, everyone pretty much knew we were. We were in their space, using their systems, and their station with their permission. Therefor we had to abide by their rules and expectations for living on their land. Reasonable, but not what I wanted.

Initially it was not a bad situation for Empyreus to be in. We were a newly formed alliance, struggling to get a grasp on our own identity after the failcascade that occurred in Diplomatic Immunity. Abinus Sertan, leader of Empyreus, had some connections with G.Club leadership and called in a few favors. They gave us what we needed to get on our feet and figure out who we were going to be.

Though, the training wheels had to come off eventually. While I think for the most part, the majority of Empyreus would have been content with staying where we were at; the problem was G.Club did not exactly want us to grow beyond their control. Example, the station we were using as our home, they refused to relinquish to us.

We lived in a pocket in Tenerifis, essentially controlling all of it. We had two neighboring alliances, but we were certainly the big kid on the block. We wanted the station, but G.Club would not give it to us, so of course that created some friction.

Around this time is when I took off on my hiatus, so everything from here on is all purely by word of mouth from what I get from the other members. Leadership activity sank a bit since it was the beginning of the school year for some of the guys, so of course activity for the alliance plummeted. Though, it seems this was quickly remedied fortunately.

The decision was made to move, and off went Empyreus to live in the lands of Fountain.

My first day back to Eve, I am attempting to just slow boat my Manticore from Tenerifis to Fountain, only to have my day ruined by a prowling sabre. Being a little rusty, I messed up trying to “microwarpdrive pulse cloak” after emerging from the gate. He bubbled, and proceeded to make my rectum not feel so pleasant that night.

Manticore Loss

Though, I asked for a hell yeah in local, and he gave me a hell yeah as he podded me.

I proceeded to start a conversation with the player, Sorany, and thank him. I sent him 100 million ISK as a reward. Yes, I might have been drinking that night, but the effect was priceless.

Anyways, I made it to Fountain, and have settled in pretty much with the alliance out here. I have my ships all setup, but unfortunately, they have been changing their doctrines around more than a woman changes her mind where she wants to eat dinner.

But for the most part I can field most of the ships save a few of them. With the recent big changes to Battlecruisers, they are starting to make a comeback as a standard front line ship again for fleets. Exciting is the only word for that really, and now I can ask if I can bring my drake without being slapped around like a red headed step child.

If you are a red headed step child, these are not the souls you are looking for.

Overall, I am pretty happy with where things are for me right now in regards to Eve Online. I definitely plan to take a much different approach to the game this time around, mainly just doing what I do best, drink and have fun. I will leave all the big planning and hardcore commitment to the other guys.

For my fellow PYRE dudes and dudettes, I look forward to flying with you all again! The motherfucking Ellegos is back in business!

Also, quick mention to Empyreus’ resident master of the photoshops.

He made that just recently, and well, I really do not need to say anything else except that it is pretty epic.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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