The first thing to pop in to any Eve Online players head when they hear “The Promised Land” is to think of Fountain. Legends say, Fountain will either make or break any who dare to live upon her lands. Looking at Eve’s history, that holds more truth than some might think. Fountain is an unforgiving bitch, but if you can grab on to your nut sack, you will be rewarded. To me, Fountain is a bit of a Rite of Passage among the many Eve Online Nullsec entities, and my alliance – Empyreus – is no exception to that rule.

After having been away from Eve for a while, and recently returning with all of my glory, the past week has just been an absolute blast

Recently we partnered with another Nullsec group called Star Frontiers, and are slowly working on building our own neighborhood around here to engage in many more dank frags. No really, the amount of content out here has been phenomenal to say the least. After having participated in numerous small to medium gang roams the past week, my trigger finger has been sufficiently kept satisfied. 

Last night we took out multiple fleet compositions to pick on our not so friendly neighbors, FCore. After a few hours of running around and blowing shit up, we walked home with about 4 billion ISK total in kills, and having lost hardly anything on our end. 

We took off at first with a T3 cruiser roam, myself hopping in to a Blackbird to provide dank jams, and to spray confetti across our enemies faces, blinding them in to oblivion. We did not run in to anything equally as scary, but we had a few humorous engagements that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Rattlesnake Fail

I am not saying this guy should feel bad…. but, he should feel bad. Never mind the expensive price tag on this bountiful rattlesnake. How we got it, is a prime example of a failure of a thing called situation awareness. We were sitting on a gate in H-NPXW waiting on our scouts to get back to us. We knew a rattlesnake had been in system with us, but he had docked up quickly upon our arrival.

Ok, standard procedure for ratters. Whatever, move on, right?

Well, the gate we were sitting on happened to also be less than 1 AU away from the station. We see that he undocked, and our trigger fingers start to feel itchy again, but we aren’t expecting what happened next at all. 

Yep, he lands on grid at the gate with us, and proceeds to jump. We jump through, and he decides to engage to one of our light tackle ships in some vain attempt to break free. Within a few mere seconds, our fleet of strategic cruisers, jams, and everything else in between have this guy pinned down and laying in to him with everything we had on field. He quickly popped, and we move on.

Again, not a very exciting engagement, but the circumstances at the time were quite enjoyable. 

Alright, so we are up 1.8 Bill ISK in kills so far already tonight. Good start, so we push on. We happen upon a carrier ratting in a nearby system, and we proceed to try and track him down only to find that he safed up in a POS. Fortunately, he was not salty about us ruining his ratting night. He gave us some intel of a nearby T1 cruiser/frigate roam in a system close by. We did not suspect a trap, as I am sure he was trying to just get us out of system.

We heard of this gang roaming around earlier last night, so we had no reason to doubt him as a source. We make our peace, and continue on to find the T1 gang mentioned. Sure enough, we find them in a system one jump over, and sitting on a gate hoping to snag anything coming through.

Well, I do not think they were expecting to snag something like us coming through.

We quickly track them down, and get on grid with them and proceed to lay waste to whatever we could. Myself and my other blackbird friend proceed to jam out their logi ships. A firetail got antsy, and tried to pick me off but fortunately I was carrying some ECM drones and put them on him. Not too long after, they quickly started getting off grid. Not a phenomenal battle, but still enjoyable!

Osprey Kill

Talos Kill

Osprey Kill

Sabre Kill

Moa Kill

Blackbird Kill

We figure it might be time to ship down to something more approachable. We push on back to our home system, and I reship in to a Curse. Someone mentioned last night that a Curse is a ship for certain circumstances, I then proceeded to tell them that a Curse is the right choice for everything. Because Curses are dank.

Anyways, my glorious corp leader, Fletcher Wolfe, happened to come across a new rival of mine here in Fountain. Securiti. He gave me quite a hassle in pinning him down a few nights prior, and after a lengthy hour chase through our pocket, he managed to get away. 

Anyways, this guy is notorious for bringing in a Vindicator to blap Dessies and Frigates alike whenever he gets a chance. We knew this, and we were counting on him doing so again this time. Fortunately, he did not disappoint us at all. Knowing we were going to bait him out, myself and fellow Curse pilot, Ribor, make our way out to 75FA-Z to be ready to get in and ruin his day when the call was made.

Tackle was confirmed, and call was made. Ribor and I jump in, and quickly get in grid and start putting our neuts on our kill. The Vindicator relies heavily on power, being blaster fit and what not. At this point, he probably knew he was not going to make it our alive. To add insult to injury, we even brought in a Widow to jam him for the hell of it. Overkill? I think not.

Vindicator Gank

Salty, he complains about being blobbed. Whatever, you are the one bringing a Vindicator to kill one Svipul. You deserved it. 

Normally, I would call it a night at this point. We were up 3 billion in kills so far, and it was beginning to get late. Though, immediately after we finished the Vindicator off, our allies – Star Frontiers – let us know there is an enemy gang roaming one jump away from our pocket. The rest of our fleet regroup at our home system to reship to something more appropriate, and Ribor and I decide to remain in our Curses and take a peek.

We jump in to TEG-SD where a friendly Golem was reported already engaging the small enemy fleet. As we landed on grid with our Curses, we quickly decided we would harass them a bit until our main fleet arrived. They had a Stiletto, Curse, Garmur, Scimitar, Gila, and a Hurricane Fleet Issue with them.

I am not saying these guys were not the brightest crayon in the box, but well, yeah. We harass them long enough until the Golem is free, and they began to warp off to another gate in system. We gave chase and landed on grid with them quickly after they did.

We get to our optimal range, and begin neuting the enemy fleet and hitting them with whatever we had. Their stiletto pilot decided heading head first in to us would be a bright idea. We quickly neuted him out, and he popped fairly quick with from our DPS as he floated along next to us helpless against our dankness.

Stiletto Kill

Their Curse ended up being our next victim, thinking it was also a good idea to ram us at full speed. Just like the Stiletto, he quickly fell victim to our neuts and drones, and popped almost just as quickly. Just before he popped, his friends decided to finally GTFO. Fortunateloy, our main fleet had arrived in system and gave chase.

Curse Kill

As they ran with their tails between their legs, our little group of Curses decided to pack up and head home. We could have given chase, but we were already a little fair behind, so there was not much point. We did what we needed to, and made them feel bad for coming anywhere near us. Special thanks to Ribor and Amari Ormand for being my fellow curse pilots in the skirmish. Our main fleet got the rest of the kills, and fortunately I ended up in a few of them.

Garmur Kill

Hurricane Fleet Issue

That about wraps it all up for last nights roams. Needless to say, The Promised Land sure does seem promising and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me and the rest of the alliance out here.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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