Since I began my hiatus from Eve Online nearly four months ago, it has been pretty interesting looking at its development from the outside. I still stay up to date as best I can, frequently checking the various news sites and blogs that I enjoy. Since the new sovereignty mechanics went live, I have been stuffing my face full of popcorn while I enjoy the wild show going on within Eve as the many player empires try to adapt. Some have succeeded, and others not so much, but things have been shaken up.

I still keep in touch with my old corporation, R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions – apart of the Empyreus Alliance – and have heard that they evacuated out of Tenerifis to Fountain, filling the void that Black Legion left when they failcascaded.

It has been exciting to hear the stories so far of RDAS’ experience living in Fountain. I could not help myself but remember my first time meeting those guys, back in late 2014. A tiny corporation living out of a high security island system in the middle of Russian low security territory. It was us against the “Red Menace”.

Funny to think about really, since we took things there so very seriously even though everything we did was pretty fruitless. It was fun though, and that is all that mattered in the end to us. Content is content right?

When we decided to put on our big boy pants and head out to Null Security space, I have to admit, I was both nervous and excited. It was a huge step in to an unknown world for us all, and to this day I still certainly do not regret the decision.

It was a rocky road at first for us. We had no fame, hardly any assets, and barely anything to offer. When we signed up with Diplomatic Immunity – another alliance to be forgotten in Eve’s history – we learned a lot while being out there. We also went from being the tiny corporation fighting against the dreaded Russians, to now being apart of an alliance that was a pet to them. Odd turn of events huh?

We remained open minded and made new friends among Diplomatic Immunity. Respect grew slowly for our little team, and we started to feel like we had a pretty solid handle on where things going for us. It was a breath of fresh air we greatly needed as players to keep our interest going.

When Diplomatic Immunity collapsed – which I covered here some time ago – we quickly found ourselves staying with the same friends we had made to begin with. Empyreus was formed, and we were off on another adventure to make our fledgling upstart alliance survive in the unforgiving space of Null.

Again, we adapted to the changes, took the blows, and trudged on.

I burned out of course, mostly being my entire fault. Things were going on in my real life at the time, so between the bullshit of the military and my ambitions in Eve, things started to collide with each other. I became pretty self-centered, irritable, and very easy to piss off. A few arguments later, I packed my bags and have not logged back in to Eve since.

After having to adapt both in-game, and out of it, I quickly found that I had in fact, not truly “adapted”. The point I am trying to make here is, is go with the flow and what makes you happy. In Eve, what was fun for me at first quickly turned to an obsession, and later making me a pretty angry and hard to work with person, which I am sure we’ve all had to deal with those sorts of people in our Eve “careers”.

While I still do not have any particular urge to get back to playing Eve again right now, I have certainly found my calm and look forward to the day that I do return. The changes that CCP have been implementing – while could use some more refinement – have been enjoyable to witness. The changes are going to happen, and as an old joke in the Eve community, you must either adapt or die.

The future looks bright for both Eve, and my group of friends playing it. While I cannot be certain when I will feel like returning to the game, and in what capacity when I do, I certainly look forward to what CCP has in store for all of us.

On a side note, for those who check up here often, you will see some posts of mine that are a little different than what I am used to putting up here. I decided to get a little out of my comfort zone, and will start having editorials published on the website

When I started this blog six months ago, I honestly did not expect to see myself stay as devoted to it as I have been. In a way, it is almost like a little bit of self-medication I guess. It feels good to share my thoughts on things to the public, whether they agree with them or not.

Here’s to another adventure filled six months for the blog and I!

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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