The past three weeks have certainly been awesome for me, but it’s also been a struggle to get back in to the swing of going back to work. Yuck! Though, I can’t really complain. Being in the military meant I got a free two weeks vacation, with an added week of not really doing anything. So not all that bad right? 😀

I spent most of that time playing a lot of video games. Since I joined FYAD Gaming, and leaving my alliance all together in Eve Online, my time spent in Eve has been very minimal. Not so much that I burnt out, I really want to do more things in game, but after Steams winter sales, I have so many games on my hands right now that I just have to play all of them!

Or at least that is my goal for right now, hah!

I picked up the full Star Wars game collection, which came with both Knights of the Old republic games, as well as both Dark Forces and Mysteries of the Sith games (Classics I say). It also came with several others, but I never played them before so I guess I am in for a treat.

I also picked up playing MechWarrior Online with several of my FYAD Gaming friends. I never played MechWarrior before, but god damn, this game is amazing! I’ve invested both a lot of time, and well, my wallet was bitching at me for a week or two there as well.

I also did a run through playing KOTOR II: The Sith Lords. I remember playing it many many years ago, but I also remember it being almost unplayable due to a lot of content missing as well as so many damn game breaking bugs. so this time around I installed the Restored Content Mod which fixes both of those issues!

Against my own initial urge, I played as a pure light side character. I mostly always play dark side, but figured I would change things up. My next play through I will need to do a dark side run.

I also happened to pick up Endless Legend, a truly spectacular 4X strategy game that I am still currently playing heavily. I haven’t played a strategy game in a long time, and this game has really re kindled my love for the genre. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a 4X strategy fan.

And lastly, I have been playing a lot of Divinity: Original Sin with a buddy of mine. I’ve had the game for a while now, but had never took the time to actually complete the game. So me and my friend have been playing quite regularly on most nights to do a complete run through of the game on co-op mode, and suffice to say, it has been an absolute blast.

Beyond that, nothing really new with me. My most anticipated game right now – Dual Universe – also announced their first selections for the Alpha team, and I am proud to say I was selected. Novaquark stated that a playable alpha version will be coming at the end of this year, and that they will launch their crowd-funding campaign somewhere between spring and winter. Of course, I’ll be covering a lot of that as things start to pick up.

I am starting to try and involve myself more with DU’s development now that the new year has landed, and I expect to see a lot of new development of the game itself this year be revealed to us over the coming months. The community that we have slowly growing has been phenomenal so far, and I hope to help continue to build that group. If you have any interest, I highly recommend getting involved!

I wouldn’t expect a crazy amount of Eve related content from me for a while. I am mostly waiting for the Citadel release in Spring before I get fully committed again, so for now I login for the occasional fight here and there.


Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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