Empyreus forces continue to harass its surrounding neighbors within Fountain. While nothing official yet, PYRE forces are locked in a cold war against the entity known as Fountain Core. While I could say we are making ”good” friends with our local neighbors residing in Fountain, it wouldn’t be entirely true.

As with anything when two Nullsec entities collide, you either become best pals, or hated enemies. The latter can be an open war, or it can be what we currently have – a cold war. I do enjoy the fights we have, but every battle we have against each other seems to involve some form of spite. Though, I do respect FCore, despite my opinion that they’re not the brightest bunch of crayons in the box.

Everyone else (The-Culture, Parental Supervision, Gang Bang Team) have equally provided us with plenty of content, but without that layer of resentment that PYRE and FCore have between each other.

Overall, the past month has been an absolute blast for myself and fellow PYRE members. Plenty of fights, dank fragz, and all the eve politics that come with nullsec. Fountain continues to keep things fresh for myself every week, and I couldn’t be anymore content right now with my place in Eve.

I also want to make a quick mention for our Parental Supervision friends living in the Unicorn constellation near us. While you guys aren’t the greatest at PVP, you have all been pretty damn good sports, and do throw up a wild card here and there that throws us off. Keep doing what you’re doing, dudes.

Last night we formed a BLOPs fleet with our Capital fleet on standby as we tried to bait out their carriers in L-1SW8. These guys have been pretty notorious for undocking their carriers on us and engaging, even when we’re just in Svipuls. So of course we’re going to try and exploit that – or so we thought.

Rewind a couple of weeks prior, and we hot dropped on of their Thanatos’. Unfortunately, he managed to wait out his aggression timer just in time to dock up. He escaped with ¼ of his armor left (he was shield tanked). He only needed one or two more good volleys from our dreads to make him pop. After that, I presumed they would start being more cautious with their capitals.

While I wouldn’t say they are being more cautious with them, they certainly are getting a little cleverer with them. As soon as our BLOPs fleet and capitals dropped on them through a cyno last night, they somehow managed to cyno themselves out to safety, effectively making us waste our time. Though it wasn’t a total loss in the end. We managed to score a Procurer and Hawk kill!

Procurer Kill

Hawk Kill

Honestly, none of us were expecting that card, so I have to give credit where credit is due. Nothing major was killed, but it was a fairly well played out Houdini trick against us.

Nothing else to touch up on really. PYRE continues to go on nightly roams for kills, and just making improvements wherever we can. Internally we’re doing much better than we have been I think, despite some of the animosity certain other members felt against each other.

For all of my PYRE friends reading this, bear with me for a second. We’re all grown men and women, and the bad mouthing behind everyone’s backs isn’t helping anyone or anything (I’m no exception either, I’ve done it myself to). It only prolongs the dilemma; not solving a damn thing in the process, and often times makes the issues bigger than they really are. Hug it out, say your peace, and move on or Papa Lego will shit on your soul. Also, I love you guys.

That said, everything is peachy like I said. Every alliance has its growing pains, and this one just happens to be ours. I am also very excited to be kicking off my bi-weekly fleet roam that I have titled “Legos and Drunken Shenanigans”. I haven’t FCed in a good while, so this will be an exciting experience for me as we embark on our alcohol filled adventure this Saturday night.

On a side note, I picked up Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition last Sunday, and to put it plainly, I have been absolutely blown away by it. I’ve been playing the coop feature with a friend of mine in RDAS (My corp). While my Eve time has suffered a bit since Sunday, we both fluctuate between active fleets and playing Divinity together. If you have never played it before, I highly recommend at least looking in to it.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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