One thing in Eve Online that I have always wanted to do – as well as dread – is performing the role of a Fleet Commander. Hands down one of toughest roles of responsibilities within Eve Online’s expansive universe. You need to be tactically and technically proficient to execute your role as an FC properly, otherwise everything will crumble.

I am no stranger to stressful environments or positions. There is nothing more mentally demanding than being responsible for the lives of other people placed under you. So why does acting as an FC in Eve Online excite me just as much as it scares me? Well, besides Eve players being a bunch of ruthless dickheads – myself included – the scope in which Eves battles can grow to be are daunting.

Even in small gang warfare, you never know what lurking best is waiting for you and your fleet around the next corner. Thinking up out of the box ideas on the spot isn’t my forte exactly. I compensate by trying to be as prepared as possible no matter what. I need to know exactly what my ship is capable of, as well as everyone else’s even if I am not the FC. You can never be too prepared.

I am also a firm believer of the saying, you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training.

In any given stressful position, you will naturally resort to what you know to compensate. This is why practicing is needed to become better at any given skill. Muscle memory and all that jazz.

It has been a while since I ever took the role of a Fleet Commander. The most I ever did was very small gang warfare roams through lowsec, and that was about it. Recently, I’ve been acting as a backup FC to some of our smaller roams here in Fountain. Generally I have only served as a backup for Fletcher Wolfe, my Corp CEO, whenever we need to split our fleet up for whatever reason, or if he dies unexpectedly.

However, this week will mark my first attempt in a long while to coordinate a fleet. My alliance has enough “serious time” fleets however, so I’ve been leaning more to the “fuck it” type fleets. I’ve had this idea for a weekly roam involving copious amounts of bullshittery and alcohol for a while. While Eve Online is many of our own escapes to a different world and to decompress, it also helps to have other fleets going out for elite pvp dank frags when there is no stress involved. I haven’t decided on a particular ship type I want to take out for this yet, but I am leaning towards T3Ds or pirate frigates.

Having too many Strat Ops or CTAs can be demanding on a nullsec entity after a while. Which to be honest, my alliance is starting to show some signs of frustration. All understandable, but I think we just need to be reminded not to take this game so seriously all the time. It is just space pixels ya know?

I am considering titling my weekly roam “Boobs, Bacon, and Beer”. It’s the three things that make this world go round, or at least in my opinion anyways. If you have any better ideas, feel free to drop a comment.

I am planning to get back to my video design hobby again. Back in May, I started working on a project for my old alliance Diplomatic Immunity, but well, that organization failed shortly after I released my “teaser” video.

I’ve been collecting as much footage as I can the past week, utilizing a clunky dual mouse setup to get some good shots. Manipulating Eve’s camera can be a bitch, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I am pretty excited to actually start the editing process, but I think I will give it another week or two before I get in to that. Gotta get those dank fragz in, dawg.

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