If there is one thing I have found to be the largest annoyance in Eve, are the ego’s it creates. When certain players step up to handle leadership roles within any given corporation or alliance, or someone decides to grab their nutsack and take charge of a fleet and save the day, we as the followers feed them success and admiration. I mean, this happens everywhere. This isn’t some crazy new concept that only Eve has developed. So why should I be so surprised?

While I am not surprised, I am also intrigued by how these figures in Eve develop. When you start to look at things closely, rather than what’s at face value, you notice that each and every one of those players’ image is created by the very people that fall right in step behind them.

Perception is reality here, and whatever attitude you present yourself with to your fellow peers, I guarantee some people will latch on to that and feed off on it. I’ve witnessed it myself, and even see how my actions and attitude seems to adjust other players’ approach to me.

In a community where anyone can be completely anonymous, and become someone entirely different thanks to the internet, we get to see some truly interesting figures in our little community here in Eve.

While this wouldn’t really be a big deal, many of these people have never held a real leadership role before in their life until they came to Eve. Now that they have all of these space nerds following them, I can understand why they might start to get an inflated ego.

And it drives me fucking nuts.

Oddly enough, I have been in numerous leadership roles personally (4 years active duty), and have absolutely no desire to hold any position of authority in Eve. I guess I just associate it too much with my real life job to find enjoyment in it.

Believe me, I tried it once, and burnt myself out on it. So now I am quite content with being the lowly line member, and remaining neutral on everything drama/political related. Leaves me to continue having fun blowing up other people, and I don’t have to deal with drama.

But hey, that is some peoples cup of tea I suppose. They enjoy the politics of Eve at the higher levels where it influences several players in their organization. And that’s cool to. To each their own eh?

But again, the only thing I just can’t stand is ego’s getting in the way of actually being a leader. The word leader stands for a lot more than just being in charge of other people. You’re there for their well-being, to provide guidance, and above all, to stand up for them no matter what. I could write a book on what a leader is, but that’s not the goal of this post. But I think I got my point across.

Yeah I am ranting a little bit, but figured I could get some of my thoughts on the subject out in the air and off my chest.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate


  1. From a Retired 22 year, E-8 in the USAF… NAILED IT!

    Rant on Brother, being in a leadership role and being a Leader are two, distinctly, different things. I’d like to think I was a good one, but then I think of the great ones I’ve known and I hope I was half as good as they were.

    I think that’s the key, if you think you’re the shit… You probably are just that. Shit.

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