Along with just about every other Eve player out there this past weekend, I have been glued to all of the information coming out of this year’s Eve Vegas. Thanks to TMC (The Mittani) news group for putting up a live stream of the event for all of us lesser Eve players who were not able to be there for whatever reason. I would have gone this year, I mean hell, I live only three hours away from Vegas, but money restraints can be a bitch.

Anyways, I and several of my corp/alliance friends have been freaking out over the announcement of the capital ship changes. By far this has been the most heated topic so far to come out of Eve Vegas, and with good reason.

Barring the trolls here and there providing their whimsical opinions on the matter, I have been reading in to a lot of players’ concerns regarding the changes. Make no mistake; the proposed changes have received very mixed feelings from the community ranging from good, eh, and bad. A trend I have seen though in those who are pissed about the changes are the players who made capital pilots strictly for triage carriers.

Before I continue, please check this Devblog out which was posted by CCP after they announced the changes. It gives you all the details pertaining to the topic at hand.

For the record, I am by no means an experienced capital pilot. Since starting Eve back in 2009, I still have yet to even sit inside of one. That said, the past year I have been grooming one of my alts to be a Carrier pilot. After slaving away in Jita for a year and some change, she can now get in to one which seems to be just in time for the upcoming capital changes.

Fortunately I do not have the dilemma that many other capsuleers do that trained their characters specifically for triage carrier purposes. Triage carriers – after the changes coming this Spring 2016 – will no longer be a thing anymore. Instead, they are being replaced with a new line of capital ships called Force Auxiliary’s. No, I didn’t choose the name, and yes, I hope they come up with something else.

Ok, to be fair, it doesn’t sound bad, but it isn’t drop your panties cool either.

CCP have made a statement that they intend to reimburse those pilots who trained in to triage carriers. They haven’t released an official statement on how they plan to do so, only that they have some ideas floating around their office. Personally, I would prefer to be reimbursed the skill points. That way, it gives the player the choice to either dump those skill points in to something else, or to apply them to flying the new Force Auxiliary ships.

Beyond that debate, everything else with the proposed changes seems pretty damn exciting to me. New fighter mechanics, camera controls, capital specific modules, etc etc. The new doomsday weapons for Titans alone make me wetter than a drunken high school prom queen.

These announcements couldn’t have come out at a better time for me as well, and with it releasing in Spring of 2016, gives me ample time to have my Carrier pilot ready to go. I have already slotted in Fighters V and Jump Drive Calibration V to be trained before the end of January, and after that is training up some smaller non-important skills. By the time this all rolls out, my body will be ready and willing.

Also, have you seen the new Citadel pictures captured during Eve Vegas? Cheesus crust. Seriously, those things look massive, and the photo with an Avatar docking/undocking from one make the famous space wiener pale in comparison.

Spring of 2016 looks to offer a huge variety of sweeping changes and new features that will either make or break Eve Online, and let’s be honest, the game needs some shock therapy more than ever right now.

All of that aside, I have nothing new to report on my life here in Fountain. Joined a few fleets, blew some players up, shot at towers, and talked shit. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Though, I have taken it upon myself to dive in to solo PVP a bit more akin to my lowsec days a year ago.

Yesterday I took out an Autocannon Svipul on a roam through Fountain. The Svipul has become a particular favorite of mine in the past few weeks. For solo, small gang stuff, this ship is hands down a must have in my opinion. Scanning capabilities, tank and DPS of a T1 cruiser, and the speed and agility of a Frigate make this one of the most versatile ships in Eve right now. Honestly, it is a bit ridiculous, but damn is it so much fun to fly.

My first kill yesterday was a case of capsuleer luck. One of our neighbors in Fountain, called Parental Supervision, live about 15 jumps away from us, and I have always found them to be good sports about fights and what not, so I figured I would head out there first to ruffle some feathers.

I bounced around their system of L-1SW8 for a couple of minutes, creating multiple safes and perches off the gates and their station. After I was done with that, I figured it was time to start shooting some of them as I noticed the system traffic was slowly increasing.

I warped to their station at 100km from one of my shallow safes, and as I landed, an Astero decloaked less than 2,000km away from me. Aw shit yeah, is what ran through my head as I was hysterically laughing on team speak to a buddy of mine as I locked the Astero up and killed him and his pod. Seriously, what are the chances of that?

Astero Kill

Astero Pod Kill

After that, they formed a quick five man group consisting of a Vexor, Vexor Navy Issue, Flycatcher, and a Condor to try and exact retribution upon me. I messed with them a bit, warping around the station as they kept trying to get a ping on me for about an hour before I ended up bored and headed back to XUW for a little break.

Not much excitement occurred after that little event to be honest. Yesterday was just an incredibly dull day for anything Eve related. Not many players in my alliance were on, and Fountain was just quiet in general. I headed back out with two of my corp mates later, where we ended up snagging an Atron and an Algos in the same region I had gotten my Astero kill.

Atron Kill

Algos Kill

Nothing spectacular, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

This week I think I will fit up an Omen Navy Issue and take that out for a swing. Now that I am familiar with the area, and know who the local residents are, I feel pretty damn comfortable roaming solo for some more lol kills and the like.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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