Eve has been keeping me relatively busy the past week between fighting Fountain Core here in the Fountain Region, and more recently, the start of the Crimson Harvest event. When this event started two days ago, we started to see Blood Raider Gauntlets showing up in numerous systems for all of us adventurous and trigger happy capsuleers to explore and kill everything within them.

The gauntlet kicks off with a wave of three Blood Raider Tech I Frigate ships. They’re relatively easy, in fact you could solo the entire gauntlet in a Svipul and still finish it within a reasonable time. When you have cleared out the initial three waves of cannon fodder, take the acceleration gate to the final room. You’ll see a lot of Blood Raider Cruisers, and one Battlecruiser on your overview when you arrive on grid.

Me and most of my alliance have been trying to fiddle with the spawning of the NPCs, and attempting to find anyway to change the outcome of the big drop, but have come to the determination that if you simply kill the Battlecruiser in the room and leave, it is far quicker than killing everything else. Time is money gentleman!

The Blood Raider Battlecruiser also contains more than a ship skin. If the RNGeebus feels you are worthy, he will drop one of two boosters for you to plug in. The Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerator (Standard) provides a +10 to all of your attributes for a MINIMUM of 24 hours. Depending on your biology skill level, you can get that up to 48 hours. The second alternative drop is a Blood Raider Cerebral Advanced Accelerator, which provides a +12 to all of your attributes for the same length of time as the standard one.

Needless to say, the boost in attributes has greatly lowered my skill queue, so that’s pretty damn awesome. Unfortunately, this only lasts until November 2nd, and then the boosters will become useless. Though, I don’t believe this will be the last time we see these skill point boosters. I only hope CCP decides not to take it to a micro-transaction route and start trying to sell these booster items on their Aurum market.

Besides all of that, Fountain continues to be a never ending source of entertainment for us. Below is my favorite kill so far this week.

Bustard Kill – Caught him on a gate and popped him. Yes. We hauled his loot home.

Bustard Pilots Pod! – 1.9 billion ISK pod. Yep.

Overall, nothing new has really changed. The occasional drama llama walks by in the Alliance here and there, but nothing ground breaking if you ask me. Oh, I forgot to mention that I decided to learn a new skill in Eve that I had never touched – ever – since I started playing back in 2009. Scanning.

Yep, I’ve been teaching myself how to scan with the help of a few alliance friends. I still hate it. Though, after getting slightly better at it, it isn’t so bad. Plus, it makes me less of a noob. No one wants to be a noob.

Along with the scanning, I have also really started to appreciate going in to wormholes now. I have always found wormhole space to be mesmerizing, empty, yet and live and energetic all at the same time. I think in the future I’d love to live out of wormholes for a while just to see what it’s like. Who knows eh?

Also, just before I was about to post this, I came across this pretty good video by Eve player Dectoris. Just watch it! Though, be warned, you may experience a case of the feels.

Drink up,

The Scruffy Pirate

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