My photoshop skills are on point today.

So in my most recent post, I talked about getting a little old school in regards to some older Star Wars games. Over the last weekend, I went on a huge gaming binge and finished up Star Wars Jedi Academy and Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. I was going to go and boot up Star Wars Dark Forces, and the other Jedi Knight games, but my PC decided to have a temper tantrum and not cooperate with me on getting them to run. While I am sure I could fix the issue, I just do not feel like messing with it right now. Though, it has been one hell of a nostalgia trip for me!

I’ve still been digging in to Star Wars: The Old Republic, EAwares… er, Biowares MMORPG that released back in 2011. Mostly I’ve been playing a lot of the Player vs Player stuff, specifically the warzones. I’ve created a myriad of different characters to level up to 60 solely through running warzones, and so far it has been a blast. I’ve always been a PVP nut, and while SWTORs PVP is far from perfect, it is still enjoyable.

I’d like to take this time to shine the spotlight on my crowd favorite character in TOR, Hodor. Before you ask, yes, I also play out Hodor’s character in-game 99% of the time. For those who don’t know who Hodor is, here is a quick youtube link to some of his more famous scenes from the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

And here he is in-game in all of his glory.

I thought the pink was a nice touch. 

Needless to say, it’s been a blast playing the character in-game, and just playing SWTOR in general. I’ve mentioned a lot in my recent articles that I have been playing it, and I have not really given any reason why.

Growing up as a kid, I had the unique opportunity of reading, playing, and watching everything Star Wars from the 90s till now. Hell, the first movie I ever actually saw was Star Wars A New Hope in movie theaters when it was re-released. So obviously, anything Star Wars related has a very special place in my heart, and yes, even the prequels. That’s right, I said it.

Like most people who currently play SWTOR, we’ve all played Knights of the Old Republic, a Bioware classic which really put them at the forefront of RPGs and story telling in games. I remember nearly peeing myself in absolute happiness when Star Wars The Old Republic had been announced. Though, maybe my expectations were slightly skewed since what I was really wanting was a classic return of Star Wars Galaxies, but that’s another story for another time.

I had the unique opportunity of playing SWTOR in all of its beta phases, and I stuck with it for several months after its official release. Then I realized there was not anything really to do, and quit. The lack of end game content in regards to Operations (Raids) warzones, and Flashpoints were enough to drive a huge portion of the community away.

Only recently did I come back to the game, and it seems with all the changes they have made over the years since 2011, they’ve really done their best to get back to the roots of what they (Bioware) are truly good at. Story telling.

I’ve played all of the available class stories, with the Imperial Agent and Smuggler being my favorites. Those stories alone are almost entire games by themselves, albeit still lacking the touch that it could have as a single player game like KOTOR. However, they really one upped themselves with their two expansions Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan.

While I enjoy just about everything SWTOR has to offer, what it comes down to is the story telling that Bioware has done with it. That is the real reason I stick around to continue playing it, granted I have been doing more PVP as of late with it. That’s not to say they have not added a great deal more content with the expansions as well. Plenty of more Operations and Flashpoints were made available to make any player interested in PVE go nuts for a while.

That all said, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Knights of the Fallen Empire coming later October this year. With it being the next iteration of expansions for SWTOR, I truly feel that KOTFE will be the KOTOR that every fan boy wanted originally. One of the key selling points they have been making is that they are trying to truly get back to their story telling roots with this expansion, and that even though it will still be set in their MMO world, they wanted to make it very much a personal single-player like experience where your choices do matter.

While this may seem counter intuitive to expanding an MMORPG, I think it works well in SWTORs favor. As much as the naysayers want to say that SWTOR is crap and is declining slowly, they can not argue the ever increasing revenue and players it has been getting since going free-to-play, and especially after the announcement of KOTFE.

Despite all of the games faults, which to be fair, every game has them, SWTOR does what it does best – tell stories. It combines the best of both worlds for me really. I get my deep story telling, along with the social aspect that comes with a MMORPG.

Drink up, and fly dangerously,

The Scruffy Pirate

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