It’s… well, you know the rest.

Recently my gaming attention has turned towards an old favorite of mine, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Surprising to say the least really, as I had given up on all pretty much all MMORPGs out there, but the last time I had played SWTOR was probably around 2011. I was still in High School, and all of my close friends had been nerding over its release since 2009. Needless to say, when it first launched we were spending many sleepless nights and weekends together playing it.

Unfortunately, the end game content at the time was pretty lack luster. In fact, pretty much non existent. However, over the years they seem to have remedied this issue, and even corrected the many numerous issues that plagued it in the beginning. While I don’t agree entirely with the micro transaction model they adopted, it does work.

Playing SWTOR has sort of brought me back to my old childhood self, where me and my buddies would create our own star wars characters and build entire backstories and well, everything. Hell, I was role playing before I even really knew what role playing actually was. Which is awesome, because SWTOR seems to have a adopted a very large, and mature crowd of like minded gamers like myself.

The entertainment value I’ve gotten so far out of returning to SWTOR has been amazing. Which is a relief as I was growing a bit desperate really for some games to play. Last week, I had probably a bit more time on my hands than I should have, and played through all three Mass Effect games. I make an effort at least every year to do a run through all of the ME games, just because each time I always end up with something new and unique.

Anyways, I figured I would just make a quick blurb post about what I’ve been up to. If any of you play SWTOR, hit me up in-game! I play on the Ebon Hawk server, and use both an Empire and Republic character.

Also, I hear Galatea is releasing soon to Eve Online carrying more iterations to the new sovereignty mechanics. Honestly, the only thing that truly caught my interest in the notes was the model change to the Dominix. I’m a little indifferent on the design choice, as I actually liked the old model. Maybe I’m just apart of that small crowd that does, or maybe not.

Drink up, and fly dangerously!

The Scruffy Pirate

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