I haven’t logged in to Eve Online for more than a month and a half now, and each week I look at the launch icon on my desktop, and occasionally open op Evemon to check up on the two accounts that I, for whatever reason, still have subbed to keep the training queues rolling. I still frequently check the numerous blogs and news sites that are dedicated to Eve, and even check the Eve Online forums often. Yet, my desire to continue playing is all but gone still.

I’ve played Eve off and on for 5+ years now, with my breaks never lasting longer than maybe a few weeks at a time. Yet, this time around it feels just different. Like, I am never coming back to the game, and if I do, it will never be in the same way that I have always played it.

I’ve made a lot of good friends from Eve Online, and participated in some pretty amazing communities. Yet even now, I feel like it was forced. By that, I guess I mean I forced myself to enjoy the community and play style. I had the opportunity to help build a small corporation up, and then an Alliance, and in the beginning it all felt pretty awesome. I never lost steam, even up until I began my most recent break, what got to me was just how serious people took this game. And that was what made it not so entertaining for me probably.

As much as I love Eve, I don’t love it enough to have it involved in my personal life through my phone, or at work. Between having constant Skype chats on my phone while at work, at the bar with friends, or attempting to woo women, Eve was with me. Some people love it I guess, but after a few weeks of it, I became tired. Both mentally and physically.

I had an epiphany one night, and the next I stopped playing Eve. The first few weeks my buddies from Eve pinged me from time to time, hoping I would hop on, or that they needed me for a fleet or blah blah blah. I quickly saw just how demanding the game was, both from gameplay and just the people I was playing with. My time was their time, and that just doesn’t fly.

I know it sounds like I am bitching pretty hard right now, which I am, but I don’t want anyone to think I am dissing on the game itself or the people I played with. I just need to vent, and get this out in the air.

I haven’t been able to give my Eve friends a definitive answer on when I’ll return, because honestly, I don’t know or if I even want to. Ever. If I did come back to Eve, I wouldn’t be returning to my previous Corp or Alliance. Even then, I am still confronted with the question if I even should? On paper Eve is phenomenal, but after playing numerous other games and finally having my time, well, back to my time, I’ve been much happier.

Perhaps Eve just isn’t the right game for me. I don’t know yet. All that said though, thanks for the memories Eve, maybe one day you’ll see me again. Until then, I’ll watch from a distance.

Drink up, and fly dangerously,

The Scruffy Pirate


  1. If you have played EVE for five years, it has certainly been the right game for you. I understand why deciding if it is or isn’t now can be very difficult. My only suggestion is to consider why you are asking yourself this question. Is it about EVE and entertainment and fun – or does it come from issues elsewhere in your life.

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    • While I’ve played Eve for at least five years, my love for it isn’t what it used to be anymore. Nowadays, even when I do enjoy logging on, I still seem to force myself to partake in things.

      If I do persist with Eve, I may very well be going solo. More or less, it seems I’m just tired of having demands made upon me in a game. I take no issue in building a community, and everything that comes with it, it just seems Eve has a different atmosphere in that regard. Especially nullsec empire life.


  2. I’m currently on the longest break from Eve that I’ve ever had in nearly seven years of playing. I let my subs expire, and it is liberating. I do plan to return when the game reigns me in again…it always does. What makes me feel better about the situation is that I don’t have to make a conscious decision to quit playing or just put it on the shelf for a while; I just know that if I want to go back, I’ll go back.

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