I suppose when I say games in this article, I really mean MMO’s. Over the many years of my gaming experience, I’ve played everything from the well known MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, shooters like Battlefield or Counterstrike, and several other MMO type games that aren’t common knowledge. During this time, I’ve developed my own set of desires I guess, that I would like to see in the ideal MMO.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the gaming world is changing at a rapid pace, more so recently with the advent of VR hardware on the horizon. Even my two favorite MMOs of all time, being Star Wars: The Old Republic and Eve Online, will be out dated games in just a matter of a few years. Will they persist? Sure, but their glory days are over with.

And that really shouldn’t shock anyone. Any new MMO type game that is released nowadays, are using concepts created more than a decade ago. When you think about it like that, the gaming world for MMOs has stagnated. Terribly. You can only reuse the same old idea so many times to try and create something new, that quickly every new game becomes the same exact thing with a new skin. 

I’m not complaining however, these games have been amazing to play over the years, but it is certainly time for the winds to change. 

Ambitious projects like Dual Universe, if it is completed, will set the new bar for future games to come out. Of course, it will still remain in its own niche market to a degree, but it will still set the bar. My ideal MMO would need to incorporate the player freedoms that Eve has in regards to it’s player empire politics and war. Games like Shores of Hazeron that allow you to explore countless locations, and build upon them whatever you want. Minecrafts voxel system that allows you to shape the land around you as you see fit.

I want total freedom, and immersion. My dream as a kid growing up, was to be in the Star Wars universe. I didn’t care who I was, I just wanted to be there. And in the coming years, I feel that games will be able to provide such experiences. Can you imagine it? Fully integrated virtual reality gaming, that puts your mind in an entire living, breathing virtual universe. Yeah, that’s what I want.

The idea for this post popped in to my head just recently, as I’ve been drifting around the internet trying to find new games to play. But, to no avail, my searching has been fruitless. MMOs simply do not hold the same effect over me like they used to, even SW:TOR or Eve Online do not excite me like it used to. However, I’ve also found several ambitious projects that I think will reignite my love for MMOs. Only time will tell.

Drink up, and fly dangerously,

The Scruffy Pirate

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