So, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been active here on the blog as of late. I won’t go in to terrible detail, but things in my personal life have been taken a different turn. Mind you, not for better or worse, just a different path.


That being said, I have no intention of abandoning all of this! In the short time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve acquired a growing following of readers that many I have connected with already. So fret not, more of my ridiculous charm is in bound!


All that being said, changes are coming. First one, as you probably have recognized already, is the domain and site name have changed from to This is due mainly to two important reasons.

Reason One: LEGO, the actual company, didn’t like the fact I had as my domain. Which I understand, however reluctantly. I enjoyed the name and thought it was clever, but from their perspective, it is very much close to the same name as their products and can be misconstrued as such. I chose the new domain/site name for a few personal choices, as well, it’s more personalized to myself, reflects my characteristics in most gaming communities (No, I am not a dick!. 😀 ) and it’s humorous.

Reason Two: I am changing the direction of now away from being primarily Eve Online focused. I have larger ambitions that I am simply constrained from accomplishing if I attempt to remain an Eve dedicated blog. While I love the game, and it’s community, my creative process needs more flexibility so that I don’t stagnate on one topic, and to allow me to be comfortable with my writing so that I don’t feel so incredibly tight.


So what does this all mean, you might ask? Well, The Scruffy Pirate AKA myself, will now be covering other games and content in very much the same way I covered content regarding Eve Online. In-game news, opinion articles, and otherwise general stories. There’s a few projects I also want to get started on in regards to writing, but I’ll start with what I know for now until I can get comfortable.


Of course, these changes are to be expected. I am still growing as a writer, and this blog is still an upstart project, things are bound to change as time continues on. However, I am certain the road will be much clearer for me, now that I feel comfortable having more creative freedom!


That all being said, keep an eye for future posts!


Drink up, and fly dangerously,

The Scruffy Pirate

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