The most recent weekend has been both filled with excitement, and a lot of corporation administration work, and I do mean a lot.

Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions have, for the most part, anchored itself pretty well within Empyreus and in our new home of nullsec in the Tenerifis region. Being a small entity such ourselves, one would expect our own infrastructure development to be easy. However, in our case, I’ve found we like to be a bunch of pack rats.

The past week I had been consolidating a lot of our assets to get shipped, and cheesus crust, we had a lot. Just picture a handful players hoarding their items over the course of years, and on top of that, we’ve been seeding the market out here in null quite heavily. So needless to say, we had a lot to move.

Along with all of that, I’ve also been occupied with helping some new corporation members we picked up last week get settled in to the corporation and our home in Null. For the most part is a simple process, but some tedious work involved. I don’t mind really, I like meeting new people and making friends, even when I am blowing them up.

Most of my Eve career has been spent either mining or blowing shit up, but more blowing shit up really. Since we moved out to our new home in Null, I’ve taken a more prominent role in the way of logistics. Which does not surprise me at all, as in real life I am a Logistician in the military, and I do enjoy my job.

I’m also proud to say I setup my first POS (Player Owned Station) just recently for the corporation. I think I might be making an effort in the future to take on more logistics operations and infrastructure development possibly.

Anyways, enough carebear and admin talk from me. I am sure some of you just want to hear about what I’ve blown up most recently.

If you’ve kept up to date on my recent posts, you know my alliance has been engaged in some fun brawling with Against ALL Authorities. This past weekend we had a few more good fights, which ended up in us baiting them out to our home systems with a carrier.

We knew they had been keeping an eye on our systems and what our members were doing, and we decided we would try and take advantage of that by baiting them out with a carrier. Well, it worked, and they brought out a small fighting force of an Orthrus, Macheriel, and a few other smaller craft I cannot remember at this time.

It was pretty entertaining when they entered our pocket in Tenerifis, and went to find the carrier. We all remained docked up in our station, giving the assumption we were all AFK or going about our own business, but really we were all ready and waiting in our ships. We had a force consisting of my Curse, two Bhaalgorns, and some other heavy DPS ships.

As soon as our bait carrier gave the word that they had landed, we undocked and made haste to the system they were in. We all landed on grid, and made short work of the Orthrus. I was one of the first to land, and of course was instantly made primary by whoever their FC was. I managed to neut out the Orthrus with a few short cycles as I burned away. If the rest of the fleet were not so close behind me, I probably would of popped due to the amount of DPS I was receiving.


After the Orthrus popped, we turned our attention to the Macheriel and nearly had him down before he warped off. We did not manage to get tackle on him quickly enough, so we regrouped at the exit gate in system and waited for our scanners to track him down. After a good ten minutes passed by of the Macheriel bouncing around safes in system, our scout finally gave the word he had the Macheriel tackled.

We all quickly landed on grid, and locked him down, waiting so everyone could get on the kill. It was a solid 1.7 Billion ISK Macheriel, and yes, I was a happy Lego.


I think that past week alone we’ve done almost 10 Billion ISK in damage to Against ALL Authorities, with them hardly even touching us. I am still shaking in adrenaline from the Thanatos kill we got on them a few days prior in our frigates.

I’d say they’ve definitely begun to take us a little more seriously, and have for the most part made some efforts to retaliate, but are still trying to act like we do not exist. Be my guest, AAA, I’m happy to take my Interceptor out and keep Entosising your station services.

I’ve also earned the nickname “Capital Midwife” from the alliance, for being brave and giving birth to the Thanatos we killed while I was using my Entosis on their station in V-3 by myself. I am still unsure how to feel about this, but I will cherish it forever.

That about wraps it up for this post, stay tuned for more posts this week as we continue to shit on AAA!

See you in the verse’, and fly dangerously!


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