Recently my alliance – Empyreus (PYRE) – has been poking Against ALL Authorities (-A-) for moons and killmails. Last week, we took a few of their money moons to simply get some revenue flowing for the alliance, and we knew they were not actively occupying the systems or area around it, so why not right?

Well, I guess they did not appreciate that, and decided to reinforce the towers we had put in place. Refusing to back down and let it slide, PYRE mobilized a hefty POS bashing fleet (6/24/2015), and we went on our crusade to reinforce every tower, destroy every POS gun, and disable the station services in GJ0-OJ. During which we hoped to see -A- come out to play, but local did not spike at all with any -A-.

Actually, I think the only engagement we got that night was from a small neutral gang of Tech 3 Destroyers and Frigates that were passing through. A Sabre in our fleet bubbled them on the gate they jumped through, and our fleet pounced on them, annihilating them within mere seconds of entering the system. I don’t think they were expecting that. At all.

And on a side note here, I got a chance to take my beloved Rattlesnake out in all of its glory for the POS bash. All in all there were three of us in the fleet, the other two piloted by Ribor and Fletcher Wolfe. We fitted up with Entosis links, turned off all the services at the station, then joined up with the fleet to watch the pretty fireworks and discuss my razberrita addiction.

We continued on our crusade, burning and pillaging the surrounding systems, reinforcing towers left and right. We had hoped by making such a bold gesture, they would retaliate and at least give us a fight. Well, they did not. Sad face.

A few days prior however, -A- did in fact mobilize a small fleet against us comprising of Dominix’s, Gilas, and a few other support craft, but they quickly docked up in the safety of their station in GJ0-YD as soon as they saw our fleet of Ishtars and Basilisks.

Like, come on guys. Get your shit together and fight us.

The very next day (6/25/2015) we decided to go on a bullshit frigate roam throughout Catch to try and pick some random fights. I took an Ares out on this roam fit purely for Point and Scram. I’ve been finding the role of a scout and fast tackle quite enjoyable and challenging recently.

As we’re steam rolling through systems in Catch, we get the idea to do a drive by through some of -A- systems. Poke the bear a bit more you know?

We could not find anyone. The few pilots who were in system were all docked up and either AFK, or waiting for us to GTFO so they could get back to mining, or whatever they do for pleasure I guess.

After not finding anyone to fight for a while, we figured it’d be entertaining to Entosis another station of theirs. We chose V-3YG7 as our target, and since I had multiple free high slots on my Ares, and was fast, I had the honors of picking up an Entosis link in a nearby system to get the deed done.

I cannot recall which system I picked the Entosis link up in, but cheesus crust, 40 million isk for one entosis? GTFO. What made it even better was that there were two more for sale being sold as a package deal for 85 million isk. Yeah, I’ll leave that one alone.

We’re all fit and ready, and so we embark to V-3YG7 which happened to be next door. Our fleet set up a gate camp, and I went off to go do my thing with my space lazorzzzzzzzz.

I land on station, lock up the ship fitting service, and get ready to get sexual with it, when all of a sudden, no strontium!

Yeah, I forgot to pick up Strontium. Fortunately, there was some in the previous system I had picked the Entosis Link up at. So I ran back, picked some up, and got back on grid with the station again.

As I’m using my magic space lazorz to turn off the stations services, shooting the shit on fleet comms, my space lazorz gave birth to a Thanatos! Ok, he undocked really.

I called out on fleet comms I had a Thanatos on grid and immediately locked him up, putting my point on him. Our fleet of frigates land on grid – and I’ll reiterate that, frigates – and commence aggressing him, and low and behold, he aggressedback!

Abinus Sertan, our Fleet Commander, begins calling out orders and we all quickly get to work. We now have about 20 frigates ramming this Thanatos’ ass to bump him off station. Dirty.So, you’d think he would catch on to our plan, and de-aggress us right? Nope, he just keeps going along with it, trying to pop all of us with his drones, and we’re just happily keeping him held down and killing all of his drones.

Knowing we had to act fast if we were going to get this kill, we started pinging the alliance for any dreadnoughts we could get on grid. Most of our capital pilots were offline or already pre-occupied with the frigate they were in, so we resorted to calling on Hard Knocks for assistance to bring in the heavy guns.

If you ask me, I think we could have done it by ourselves eventually, as we had capped the Thanatos out entirely, and had him below half armor already. At least he would be easy pickings for Hard Knocks when they arrived right?

Well, they didn’t get there in time. Pandemic Legion decided to crash the party, and hot drop the field with a sizeable fleet of Black Ops battleships. Within seconds the Thanatos popped, and our comms exploded with screams and cheers.

We just killed a Thanatos with a frigate gang.


The only thing the pilot had to say was this: [01:48:07] Followmy6 > yawn

That was also my first Capital kill. Ever. So yeah, I was a little excited myself at the time.

We burned back to our home system in Tenerifis, and called it a night, celebrating our glorious kill. My corporation, RDAS, had also picked up a new member the day prior, and this was his first time out in Nullsec space, and it just so happened his first roam with us and the Alliance would end up going home with a Thanatos kill.

So moist. Much dank.

Anyways, that’ll wrap up this post. I am eager to see how this growing dispute between my alliance, Empyreus, and Against ALL Authorities continues. They did set us to -10 finally last night after the Thanny kill, so maybe they’ll actually do something now? The few engagements we have had with them, has just been a disaster for them.

Come on -A-, Empyreus is waiting.

See you in the verse’, and fly dangerously!


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