The last couple of days has been quite entertaining for myself. Diplomatic Immunity, the Alliance I am currently in has been quickly going downhill due to some recent turbulence in its ranks and leadership. I will refrain from posting logs of the discussion on our private forums for the sake of privacy, but needless to say Diplomatic Immunity needs a reform, and reawakening or it will go down in the book of forgotten Alliances in Eve Online.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my own qualms with some of the shenanigans that have been going on within the Alliance. Originally when I joined two months ago, there was content abound, fights to be had, and everyone was generally very happy.

 Now, it’s been countless CTA (Call To Arms) after CTA for pointless brawls, which never really happen, instead we just end up babysitting as we waste hours away. I understand some of that is just part of Eve, but when it becomes day after day, and turns in to week after week, it becomes repetitive.

With this, combined with some other things that have been going on in the background between the leadership, many corporations are packing their bags and getting the hell out of dodge. To be fair, I can’t blame them either. When the game becomes a hassle to log in to, and it simply does not become fun anymore, there is no reason to keep grinding with it when you can find better content and opportunities elsewhere.

But such is the nature of Eve Online. Entities come and go, and who knows, Diplomatic Immunity could come out of this stronger than ever, or succumb to the failcascade and fade in to darkness, only time will tell, and only will it persevere if its member base manages to pool together and make the necessary changes for them to grow.

All that said, you might of figured by now, but I will be departing from Vitrilioc Animosity (My Corp) and DIplomatic Immunity (The Alliance) to find greener pastures elsewhere. My old corporation, R. Danneskjold and Sons Repossessions has been beckoning me back and I am inclined to join them once again and embark on our merry adventures across New Eden.

I know not where our journey takes us, but it certainly seems brighter and refreshing. To clarify, the only reason I had previously left RDAS was so that I could get more experience in Eve and dive in to Nullsec space. Funnily enough, they caught wind of my stories, and ached to join me so they ended up joining Diplomatic Immunity.

With all that said, I have been having quite a bit of fun partaking in some small roams near Amarr territory in Faction Warfare space. We’ve been consolidating our assets out of O-9 (Diplomatic Immunity Home System) and preparing them to ship out to our new home in Nullsec. In the mean time, me and the guys have been having plenty of fun trolling around Faction Warfare space. I figured I would give the Curse a spin for the first time, and have thoroughly enjoyed flying it. I’ve had my share of somewhat success’ and losses.

Unfortunately I have yet to get any kills with it, though I’ve been incredibly close. I had soloed a Confessor and a Jackdaw (Both T3 Destroyers) with ease, but my foolishness put me out of my warp disruptor range, and while they we’re continuously being capped out as my drones hammered them, they had a split second during my neuts cycle to get a warp out.

Oh well.

Later we went out on a smaller roam and I brought out my own Confessor, and we got a rather interesting kill. An Armageddon.

Armageddon Kill

He was just floating around in a Large Compound, and we moved in for the fight. Surprisingly, he didn’t do a thing. We presume he either went AFK or had tried to log out. Either way, it made for a nice kill for the night. 

We went roaming around some more got a few, not so shabby kills but nothing really worth mentioning on here.

That about wraps it up for this post. I expect to have some interesting stories to tell as my current situation unfolds as we find our new home in Nullsec. Stay tuned!

See you in the verse’


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