So I mentioned quite some time ago I’d possibly look in to doing a small series depicting my much early, and I do mean early days of playing Eve Online. My first wee baby steps in to Eve were very tedious, just like most players out there who decide to pick it up, but what makes it even better is that it was around six years ago, maybe almost seven now? I can’t remember exactly, but my point is I was a much younger lad, and loved the shit out of space shit. Fuck yeah.

I started out doing the crappy tutorial back then, and my memory serves me right, it wasn’t all that great. I’d say the only thing that got me excited was mining. Yeah, fucking mining. Oh, and believe me, it wasn’t just the prospect of earning ISKies that excited me about it, I just thought it was the coolest shit at the time.

No seriously, I lived for that shit. Get out of school, grab some three old day pizza from the fridge and a soda, face plant my fucking chair, log in to eve as I am about to piss my self from excitement, and then stare at a computer screen as I watched my Bantam fuck up some asteroids in Hi Sec space. I’m not sure what it was that enticed me to enjoy it so much as I did, but I tell you what, I was happier than a fat kid with a twinkie.

I had two goals in life at that time of my Eve experience. One, mine. Two, get an Osprey to mine more.

Yeah, don’t bother trying to decipher my logic at the time about wanting an Osprey to mine more. It was a cruiser, had a lot of hard points at the time for mining lazorz, and I wanted it oh so bad. A few days pass by, and voila I am flying an Osprey. Then, as I continue my game of hungry, hungry, miners I get invited to join a corporation in Hi Sec (You won’t guess what!) mine! Yeah! Didn’t guess that one huh? Yeah….. yeah. Ahem.

My memory goes a little blank around this time, but I am pretty sure my account went inactive as I forgot I had to “pay to play”. I can imagine I was butthurt about the ordeal. Though, five or six months later I was back at it again. I was starting to get very close to using exhumers and what not to get some real mining done. Whenever I saw Hulks doing there thing, I always peed in my pants a little.

And then I wen’t inactive. Again. This time I explicitly remember the reason, and it was over my first dive in to PvP. I had never done it before, I heard rumors it existed, I read the stories but I had never experienced it. I got the idea in my head that it couldn’t be too hard, and I wanted to try it out and be the biggest, baddest solo pirate in Lowsec (I can’t remember where). So I spent all my life savings at the time, and fitted out the gimpiest of Drakes.

I mean, the fit may not be terribad (I’ve seen some pretty fucking bad ones out there) but for me it was, and still is one of my more embarrassing losses. I had spent every dime I had on that Drake and lost within an hour of undocking. I was prowling an asteroid belt in Ostingale, hoping I’d find maybe a ratter or something and get an easy kill. Well, what quickly happened was me finding a lone frigate zipping around (obviously bait) and I wen’t after him in my tug boat of a ship. What quickly wen’t from my squealing like a little school girl, quickly turned in to the sounds of a dying moose.

Kinda something like this.

I quit in typical rage fashion, vowing to never to return to Eve again. It wasn’t for a good year and a half until I had returned to playing Eve again, where I joined up with Eve renowned Black Ops players, Dirt Nap Squad. But I’ll save that story for another segment, as that is where the more interesting bits of my Eve gaming got interesting.

And my message to all the newbros. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, whatever it is. If you like to PvP in other games, give it a try in Eve. Just expect to lose any ship you undock, and don’t think you’re ever safe even in Hi Sec space. I spent a good year or two of playing Eve only mining because I was too afraid to get out of that bubble (Now I enjoy PvPing quite a bit, still quite new to it however honestly).

As far as current events go on my end, things have been very quiet. Diplomatic Immunities campaign against Phoebe Freeport Republic has come to an end, and to me I wouldn’t consider it a win or lose. I missed about half of the campaign due to vacation, but I tried my best to keep up with the battles. Though, it seems there are some tensions brewing within Diplomatic Immunities ranks (leadership level). I know not the details, but I expect some rearranging here shortly.

See you in the verse’


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