So not much has happened since my last post. DIPLO has more or less been roaming around doing DIPLO-y things, at least until recently that is. It seems PFR (Phoebe Freeport Republic) decided to break a deal we had them, and tried attack 3Q, an outpost we held in Wicked Creek. Personally, I’m glad we have an excuse now to kick there teeth in. Wouldn’t call them the brightest individuals of Eve, but hey, to each there own.

Yesterday was when it all started really. PFR popped our SBU we had in 3Q, and proceeded to try and place two of there own throughout the day, and we blew each one up. They weren’t even capable of forming a proper defense fleet, which is all good and well as I am sure this was just a trolling attempt. In either case, got plenty of good kills out of the incursion.

Oracle Kill

Myrmidon Kill

Maelstrom Kill

Cerberus Kill

Nothing spectacular really, but a kills a kill. 😀

I’ve also been working on a bit of a side project myself for DIPLO. I have previous experience in video editing software like After Effects/Premiere Pro and decided I’d do a bit of a promotional video I suppose to get back in to the swing of things. So far, I have the intro finished and released as a teaser for now.

There’s a good chunk left I still have on the editing board, but with my time constraints and trying to juggle my free time between this, the blog, my Alliance duties, and going out for some regular old PVP, it may be until June or so until the video is completed. It’s been exciting to work on so far, and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

That about wraps it up for this post, and I should give you all fair warning that I won’t be posting here much (if at all) for the next two weeks starting today. I’ll be taking leave to go back home, as my brother is getting released from the Marine Corps, so I figured it’d be a good time for some good old brotherly bonding time, beers, and a roadtrip.

See you in the verse,



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