I’ve never really attempted starting my own blog, and to be honest I don’t expect this one to garner too much attention. My grammar at times is terrible, my language is foul, and I love to fucking drink beer and blow shit up. Which is probably why I enjoy playing Eve Online so much (Anyone who’s played knows all about the drunken fleet roams.)

I started playing Eve Online back in 2009 as a sophomore I believe in High School. At first I was all like “Yeah! Spaceships and stuff!” and quickly realized I had to pay to play the game. I know right, what a shocker?

But no seriously, I played off and on, doing all sorts of deeds to borrow the credit card from the family to pay for my account, but I never really stuck around with Eve for too long. Maybe it was where I was at, what I was doing, or maybe because I found that mining is completely for all intents and purposes in Eve Online, to be the most boring fucking thing on the planet. I’m sure we’ve all been there, or at least some of us rather, lured in by the thought of becoming space rich from mining. Oh how wrong I was.

I can still remember the first ship I ever wanted to get in to was an Osprey. Why? Because hardpoints. And hardpoints allowed me to slap on more lasers. Months go by, I learn more tools of mining, and then a year goes by of constantly deactivating and activating my account until I realize that maybe I should try something different. So my first thought was to join a PvP corporation.

I won’t go in to names, but needless to say, they we’re pretty terrible. It was like a kick in the nuts for me to go from utter care bearing to having my face raped by a bunch of other assholes who had no other reason to play Eve other than to collect the tears of newbies and newbie corporations. #yolonewbieraping

Yeah, I got butthurt for sure. something about having everything I worked for blown up before my very own eyes was something I just couldn’t handle at the time (lots of raging and screaming). After I cooled down, ditched the corp, and recouped back in Jita, I learned the first rule of eve: Never undock anything you can’t afford to lose.

And that’s a rule I live by to this day in my eve career, as I am sure so many of you do as well. Unfortunately school took its toll on me, and I didn’t play Eve for some time. I graduated High School, joined the Marines (Still on active duty) it wasn’t until a year or two down the road where I got comfortable enough to get back in to gaming again.

I came back to playing Eve again of course, recruited my own brother to play, and we joined a rather small corporation out in Lowsec near the Black Rise region. We made good friends out there him and I, and still to this day I am very good friends with the members of that corporation. While there were plenty of fights to be had (I learned the most of my solo PVP there)

But I quickly became bored with the redundant faction warfare roams in Frigates. I wanted more, I wanted to explore Eve as a game and not some corner of it. So naturally, I dove in to Nullsec and joined a corporation by the name of Vitriolic Animosity (Diplomatic Immunity Alliance).

Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot so far being with this ragtag group of miscreants and assholes. And so brings me to my closing statement, and the beginning of this blog. I hope to get some interest from fellow capsuleers as I write about my mis adventures in Eve, and I might even go in to further detail on my time as a noob to perhaps help others who want to play Eve.

See you in the verse’ gents,


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